Access to Medicines as a Human Right: Implications for Pharmaceutical Industry Responsibility

Access to Medicines as a Human Right: Implications for Pharmaceutical Industry Responsibility

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Edited by Lisa Forman and Jillian Clare Kohler
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2012
World Rights
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Published Feb 2017
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According to the World Health Organization, one-third of the global population lacks access to essential medicines. Should pharmaceutical companies be ethically or legally responsible for providing affordable medicines for these people, even though they live outside of profitable markets? Can the private sector be held accountable for protecting human beings' right to health?

This thought-provoking interdisciplinary collection grapples with corporate responsibility for the provision of medicines in low- and middle-income countries. The book begins with an examination of human rights, norms, and ethics in relation to the private sector, moving to consider the tensions between pharmaceutical companies' social and business duties. Broad examinations of global conditions are complemented by case studies illustrating different approaches for addressing corporate conduct. Access to Medicines as a Human Right identifies innovative solutions applicable in both global and domestic forums, making it a valuable resource for the vast field of scholars, legal practitioners, and policymakers who must confront this challenging issue.

Lisa Forman is the Lupina Assistant Professor in the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and the director of the Comparative Program on Health and Society at the University of Toronto.

Jillian Clare Kohler is a professor in the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and the director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Governance, Transparency, and Accountability in the Pharmaceutical Sector at the University of Toronto.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors

1. "Access to Medicines as a Human Right and Pharmaceutical Industry Responsibilities."

Part One: Rights, Norms and Ethics
2. "Human Rights Responsibilities of Pharmaceutical Companies in relation to Access to Medicines."
3. "Improving Access to Essential Medicines: International Law and Normative Change."
4. "Corporate Social Responsibility and the Right to Essential Medicines."

Part Two: Social versus Business Responsibilities
5. "Benchmarking and Transparency: Incentives for the Pharmaceutical Industry's Corporate Social Responsibility."
6. "Social Responsibility and Marketing of Drugs in Developing Countries: A Goal or an Oxymoron."

Part Three: Case-Studies for Achieving Corporate Responsibility
7. "Managing the Market for Medicines Access: Realizing the Right to Health by Facilitating Compulsory Licensing of Pharmaceuticals — A Case Study of Legislation and the Need for Reform."
8. "Ubuntu, AIDS and the King II Report: Reflections on Corporate Social Responsibility in South Africa."

Human Rights Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Companies in relation to Access to Medicines


‘This is a very useful collection on one of the most pressing subjects of our time. The comprehensiveness and cohesion of the articles is impressive, as is the multidisciplinary nature of the contributing experts.’

Edward Kwakwa, Legal Counsel and Head of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, World Intellectual Property Organization

Access to Medicines as a Human Right explores a timely topic that is deserving of cutting-edge inquiry. An accessible read and a major contribution to research, it will benefit those who study and work in the disciplines of international law, international development, international relations, public health, and global governance.’

Obijiofor Aginam, Institute for Sustainability and Peace, United Nations University, and Department of Law, Carleton University