Activism and Social Change: Lessons for Community Organizing, Second Edition

Activism and Social Change: Lessons for Community Organizing, Second Edition

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By Eric Shragge
University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division © 2013
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192 Pages
ISBN 9781442606272
Published May 2013
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Published May 2013
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Drawing on over thirty years of experience in community development practice, Eric Shragge offers a unique historical perspective on activism, linking various forms of local organizing to the broader goal of fundamental social change.

This new edition places contemporary community organizing in a post-9/11 context and includes a discussion of national and international organizing efforts—in the Middle East, in the Occupy movement, in European resistance to austerity measures, and in recent student protests in Quebec. A new chapter-length case study covering Shragge's long-term involvement with the Immigrant Workers Centre in Montreal offers one of the few English-language discussions of community organizing in Quebec. Activism and Social Change is an excellent core or supplementary text in courses on social movements, community organizing, or community development.

Eric Shragge retired as the Principal of the School of Community and Public Affairs at Concordia University in 2012. He is currently a volunteer staff member at the Immigrant Workers Centre in Montreal. His publications include: Contesting Community: The Limits and Potential of Community Organizing with James DeFilippis and Robert Fisher (2010) and Fight Back: Workplace Justice for Immigrants with Aziz Choudry, Jill Hanley, Steve Jordan, and Martha Stiegman (2009).
Introduction to the Second Edition

Introduction: Asking Hard Questions

1. Theoretical Perspectives and Models of Community Work
2. Getting from There to Here: Historical Development of Community Work
3. The Legacy and Tradition of Social Action
4. Social Action Continues: Fighting Back in a Neo-liberal Age
5. Community as Containment or New Possibilities?
6. Conclusion: Fighting the Good Fight—The Immigrant Workers Centre


Eric Shragge has done it again. The first edition of Activism and Social Change was chock full of insights and lessons from his more than thirty years of radical activism and scholarship. The second edition expands the first to include the major issues of the past decade, from the challenges of globalization and neoliberalism to international mobilizations, including the most recent student movement in Quebec. No one knows the world of organizing and social change better, or presents it in as clear and lively a manner. Perfect for novices and pros, in and outside of Canada, who want to advance the struggle for economic and social justice.

Robert Fisher, University of Connecticut

A rare opportunity for educators and students to embrace the history, theories, and contemporary models of community organizing. With the inclusion of the Quebec student movement in this new edition, it is a must for all those who teach about community practice.

Karen Hetherington, McGill University