Big Worlds: Politics and Elections in the Canadian Provinces and Territories

Big Worlds: Politics and Elections in the Canadian Provinces and Territories

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Edited by Jared J. Wesley
University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division © 2015
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268 Pages
ISBN 9781442603929
Published Dec 2015
ISBN 9781442608313
Published Dec 2015

Based on extensive data collection, Big Worlds examines Canada's ten provinces and three territories as distinct democratic "worlds."

A separate chapter is devoted to each province (and one explores the three territories), creating a cross-country survey of politics and elections. Tracing the history of each provincial and territorial system, with special attention to the twenty-first century, and drawing on the "worlds" theme, the chapters address the "terrain" (political culture, political economy, and political institutions) and the "climate" (the party system, civic culture, and democratic deficits) of Canada's provinces and territories. The result is a comprehensive sectional study of provincial and territorial politics and elections, and is the ideal text for Canadian provincial politics courses.

Jared J. Wesley is an adjunct professor of Political Science at the University of Alberta.
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Introduction: From Small to Big Worlds
Jared J. Wesley

1. Newfoundland and Labrador
Luke Flanagan and Alex Marland

2. Prince Edward Island
Don Desserud

3. Nova Scotia
Louise Carbert

4. New Brunswick
Mario Levesque

5. Québec
Kerry Tannahill and Mebs Kanji

6. Ontario
Cameron D. Anderson

7. Manitoba
Jared J. Wesley

8. Saskatchewan
Ken Rasmussen

9. Alberta
Anthony M. Sayers and David K. Stewart

10. British Columbia
Tracy Summerville

11. The Territories
Graham White

Conclusion: Explaining the Worlds of Difference
Jared J. Wesley

Appendix: Election Results since 1965

"Big Worlds provides an up-to-date and intriguing look at contemporary provincial politics in Canada. The reader is guided through the jungle of politics in each province by an established expert and comes out of the experience with significant insights on what makes Canadian provinces and territories so politically unique. The book is chock-full of easy-to-read graphs from recent election surveys in each province, ensuring that students, professors, and political practitioners will find the book illuminating and practical at the same time."

David McGrane, University of Saskatchewan

A welcome addition to the literature on Canadian provincial politics. Jared J. Wesley has pulled together a rich collection of empirically based comparative work on provincial political institutions, systems, and cultures. The book is a significant contribution to both the teaching and study of Canadian provincial politics."

J. P. Lewis, University of New Brunswick