Brewing Legal Times: Things, Form, and the Enactment of Law

Brewing Legal Times: Things, Form, and the Enactment of Law

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By Emily Grabham
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2016
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216 Pages
ISBN 9781442646056
Published Sep 2016
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Much socio-legal scholarship assumes that even if experiences of law and time differ, people and laws exist within an overarching, shared timeframe. In Brewing Legal Times, Emily Grabham boldly departs from this assumption, drawing on perspectives from actor-network theory, feminist theory, and legal anthropology to advance our understanding of law and time.

Grabham argues that human, material, and legal relationships constantly generate new temporalities because of human and nonhuman interactions. By engaging with the creative potential of “things” such as cells, viruses, reports, legal documents, and more, our understanding of law and time is subject to change. In challenging the scholarship on the materiality of time and law, Brewing Legal Times encourages us to confront the multiple and mundane ways in which time is enacted through legal networks.

Emily Grabham is a Reader in Law at the University of Kent.

Introduction: ‘The Eagerness of Objects’

Chapter One: ‘Praxiographies’ of Law and Time

Chapter Two: Progression

Chapter Three: A Likely Story

Chapter Four: Transition

Chapter Five: Balance

Epilogue: Apple Crates and Hinges

“By skilfully situating abstract concepts such as time and matter within concrete and lucid case studies, Emily Grabham has produced a work that is grounded, lively, and engaging.”

Renisa Mawani, Department of Sociology, University of British Columbia

Socio-Legal Theory and History Prize awarded by The Socio-Legal Studies Association

(United Kingdom (Great Britain)) - Winner in 2017