Canadian Cinema Since the 1980s: At the Heart of the World

Canadian Cinema Since the 1980s: At the Heart of the World

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By David L. Pike
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2012
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Published Dec 2012
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Award-winning author David L. Pike offers a unique focus on the crucial quarter-century in Canadian filmmaking when the industry became a viable force on the international stage. Pike provides a lively, personal, and accessible history of the most influential filmmakers and movements of both Anglo-Canadian and Quebecois cinema, from popular movies to art film and everything in between.

Along with in-depth studies of key directors, including David Cronenberg, Patricia Rozema and Denys Arcand, Jean-Claude Lauzon, Robert Lepage, Léa Pool, Atom Egoyan, and Guy Maddin, Canadian Cinema since the 1980s reflects on major themes and genres and explores the regional and cultural diversity of the period. Pike positions Canadian filmmaking at the frontlines of a profound cinematic transformation in the age of global media and presents fresh perspectives on both its local and international contexts. Making a significant advance in the study of the film industry of the period, Canadian Cinema since the 1980s is also an ideal text for students, researchers, and Canadian film enthusiasts.

David L. Pike is a professor in the Department of Literature at American University.


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Introduction: What Is Canadian Cinema and What Happened to It at the End of the Twentieth Century?

1.Canadian Cinema 1896-1986: Invisibility and Difference
2.The Anxiety of Influence: David Cronenberg and the Canadian Imagination
3.Time Capsules: The Eighties Worlds of Denys Arcand and Patricia Rozema
4.Crossover Icons: The Faces of Canadian Cinema
5.Quebecois Auteurs: The New Internationalism of Jean-Claude Lauzon, Léa Pool, and Robert Lepage
6.Cronenberg's Mutant Progeny: Genre film-making around the Turn of the Millennium
7.The Death of the Author? The Case of Atom Egoyan
8.The Canadian Mosaic: Margins and Ethnicities
9.Film-making at the Heart of the World: Guy Maddin

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‘Gracefully written and gratifying to read, Canadian Cinema since the 1980s will appeal to a wide range of cinephiles. David L. Pike adds a unique and important new viewpoint to film studies, introducing a fresh breeze of valuable insights to the field along the way. Pike's fluent sensitivity to many complex and subtle issues is truly admirable, and his expositions on individual filmmakers range from the interesting to the truly illuminating.’

William Beard, Department of English and Film Studies, University of Alberta

‘With his witty and conversational style, Pike proves as insightful an authority on the secondary directors and issues as on the mainstream. Recommended. All readers.’

M.Yacowar, Choice Magazine, vol 50:10:2013

‘Pike’s “sprawling academic monster” is a timely addition to a body of English-language work on cinema north of the 49th parallel.’

Carole Kruger, The French Review vol 83:03:2015