Changing Health Care in Canada: The Romanow Papers, Volume 2

Changing Health Care in Canada: The Romanow Papers, Volume 2

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Pierre-Gerlier Forest, Gregory Marchildon, and Tom McIntosh
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2004
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388 Pages
ISBN 9780802086181
Published Mar 2004
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The second in a series of three volumes presenting a selection of the best studies prepared for the Romanow Commission, this volume focuses on the problem of change in health care and health systems. Combining the talents of experienced health policy experts with innovative researchers, the resulting studies provide unique perspectives on the difficult issues under scrutiny, including complexity in health systems, management of human resources, organizational control and regulation, and public engagement.

Commissioned and prepared with applicability as the foremost criteria, all of the studies presented in this volume offer solutions in managing obstacles to change. Each study also includes an appraisal of the most recent literature in the field.

Pierre-Gerlier Forest is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at Université Laval.

Gregory P. Marchildon is Professor and Ontario Research Chair in Health Policy and System Design at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto.

Tom McIntosh is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science, and Research Faculty at the Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Branch, University of Regina.