Church and Society in Hungary and in the Hungarian Diaspora

Church and Society in Hungary and in the Hungarian Diaspora

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By Nándor Dreisziger
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Published Apr 2016
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In Church and Society in Hungary and in the Hungarian Diaspora, Nándor Dreisziger tells the story of Christianity in Hungary and the Hungarian diaspora from its earliest years until the present. Beginning with the arrival of Christianity in the middle Danube basin, Dreisziger follows the fortunes of the Hungarians’ churches through the troubled times of the Middle Ages, the years of Ottoman and Habsburg domination, and the turmoil of the twentieth century: wars, revolutions, foreign occupations, and totalitarian rule.

Complementing this detailed history of religious life in Hungary, Dreisziger describes the fate of the churches of Hungarian minorities in countries that received territories from the old Kingdom of Hungary after the First World War. He also tells the story of the rise, halcyon days, and decline of organized religious life among Hungarian immigrants to Western Europe, the Americas, and elsewhere.

The definitive guide to the dramatic history of Hungary’s churches, Church and Society in Hungary and in the Hungarian Diaspora chronicles their proud past and speculates about their uncertain future.

Nándor Dreisziger is a professor emeritus in the Department of History at the Royal Military College of Canada and a founding editor of Hungarian Studies Review.


1. Introduction: Hungarians and Hungary through the Ages

2. Hungarians and Christianity to the Early Sixteenth Century

3. The Churches in the Ottoman and Habsburg Eras, from Reformation to Counter-Reformation

4. The Churches in an Independent Hungary, 1918–1944

5. The Churches under Nazi and Soviet Rule, 1944–1989

6. The Churches of Minority Hungarians in Romania, 1919–1990...

7. The Churches of the Hungarian Minorities in Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine

8. The Religious Life of Hungarian Émigré Communities in Western Europe

9. The Churches of Hungarian Immigrants in the United States, 1850–2000

10. The Churches of Hungarian Immigrants to Canada in the Twentieth Century

11. Hungarian Religious Life in Latin America

12. The Hungarians’ Churches in the Distant Diaspora: Australia and South Africa

13. The Churches of the Hungarians at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century

14. The Themes of Hungarian Church History: Conclusions

Bibliographical Essay

"Dreisziger’s work is notable for its breadth, evenhandedness, and impeccable scholarship. The author skillfully guides his readers through the complex history of the Christian churches in the Hungarian lands from Roman days to the present time. Roughly equal attention is given to religious developments in the Hungarian diaspora, especially in Europe and North America but with some attention given even to Latin America, Australia, and South Africa. This book is the best and most comprehensive on this topic in any language, and is all the more valuable because of the insights it also offers into Hungarian history in general."

Dr. Thomas L. Sakmyster, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, University of Cincinnati

"This is the first serious effort to discuss the state of the Hungarian Christian Churches worldwide and thus a pioneering work. At last an accomplished author examines the whole, long history and complex current state of affairs of a global phenomenon."

Tibor Frank, Professor of History, Eötvös Loránd University

‘Dreiszeger breaks new ground with this ambitious chronicle of the history of church life in Hungary and Hungarian communities throughout the world. This is no small feat, given the complicated shifts in Hungary’s borders during 1000 plus years of turbulent history… Highly recommended.’

C.P. Vesei, Choice Magazine vol 54:05:2017

Book of the Year awarded by the Hungarian Association

(United States) - Winner in 2016