Deleuze and Space

Deleuze and Space

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By Ian Buchanan and Gregg Lambert
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2005
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256 Pages
ISBN 9780802093905
Published Aug 2005
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Gilles Deleuze was arguably the twentieth century's most spatial philosopher - not only did he contribute to a plethora of new concepts to engage space, space was his very means of doing philosophy. He said everything takes place on a plane of immanence, envisaging a vast desert-like space populated by concepts moving about like nomads. Deleuze made philosophy spatial and gave us the concepts of smooth and striated, nomadic and sedentary, deterritorialisation and reterritorialisation, the fold, as well as many others to enable us to think spatially.

This collection takes up the challenge of thinking spatially by exploring Deleuze's spatial concepts in applied contexts: architecture, cinema, urban planning, political philosophy, and metaphysics. In doing so, it brings together some of the most accomplished Deleuze scholars writing today - Réda Bensmaîa, Ian Buchanan, Claire Colebrook, Tom Conley, Manuel DeLanda, Gary Genosko, Gregg Lambert and Nigel Thrift.

Branka Arsic
Réda Bensmaïa
Adam Bryx
Ian Buchanan
Tom Conley
Manuel DeLanda
John David Dewsbury
Gregory Flaxman
Gary Genosko
Paul A. Harris
Gregg Lambert

Ian Buchanan is a professor in the Department of Communications and Cultural Studies at Charles Darwin University.
Gregg Lambert is an associate professor in the Department of English and Textual Studies at Syracuse University.


Ian Buchanan and Gregg Lambert

  1. Space in the Age of Non-Place
    Ian Buchanan
  2. To See with the Mind and Think through the Eye: Deleuze, Folding Architecture, and Simon Rodia’s Watts Towers
    Paul A. Harris
  3. Stealing into Gilles Deleuze’s Baroque House
    Hélène Frichot
  4. Space: Extensive and Intensive, Actual and Virtual
    Manuel DeLanda
  5. ‘Genesis Ethernal’: After Paul Klee
    John David Dewsbury and Nigel Thrift
  6. After Informatic Striation: The Resignification of Disc Numbers in Contemporary Inuit Popular Culture
    Gary Genosko and Adam Bryx
  7. Thinking Leaving
    Branka Arsic
  8. On the ‘Spiritual-Automaton’, Space andTime in Modern Cinema According to Gilles Deleuze
    Réda Bensmaïa
  9. Ahab and Becoming-Whale: The Nomadic Subject in Smooth Space
    Lorraine Tamsin
  10. Transcendantal Aesthetics: Deleuze’s Philosophy of Space
    Gregory Flaxman 
  11. The Space of Man: On the Specificity of Affect in Deleuze and Guattari
    Claire Colebrook
  12. The Desert Island
    Tom Conley
  13. What the Earth Thinks
    Gregg Lambert