Dialogues of Love

Dialogues of Love

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By Leone Ebreo, Damian Bacich, and Rosella Pescatori
Lorenzo Da Ponte Italian Library
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First published in Rome in 1535,Leone Ebreo's Dialogues of Love is one of the most important texts of the European Renaissance. Well known in the Italian academies of the sixteenth century, its popularity quickly spread throughout Europe, with numerous reprintings and translations into French, Latin Spanish, and Hebrew. It attracted a diverse audience that included noblemen, courtesans, artists, poets, intellectuals, and philosophers. More than just a bestseller, the work exerted a deep influence over the centuries on figures as diverse as Giordano Bruno, John Donne, Miguelde Cervantes, and Baruch Spinoza.

Leone's Dialogues consists of three conversations - 'On Love and Desire,' 'On the Universality of Love,' and 'Onthe Origin of Love' - that take place over a period of three subsequent days.They are organized in a dialogic format, much like a theatrical representation, of a conversation between a man, Philo, who plays the role of the lover andteacher, and a woman, Sophia, the beloved and pupil. The discussion covers a wide range of topics that have as their common denominator the idea of Love. Through the dialogue, the author explores many different points of view and complex philosophical ideas. Grounded in a distinctly Jewish tradition, and drawing on Neoplatonic philosophical structures and Arabic sources, the work offers a useful compendium of classical and contemporary thought, yet was not incompatible with Christian doctrine.

Despite the unfinished state and somewhat controversial, enigmatic nature of Ebreo's famous text, it remains one of the most significant and influential works in the history of Western thought. This new, expertly translated and annotated English edition takes into account the latest scholarship and provides aninvaluable resource for today's readers.

Damian Bacich is an assistant professor of Spanish Language and Literature in the Foreign Languages Department at San José State University.

Rossella Pescatori is an instructor in the Department of Italian at El Camino College.

Foreword Brian P. Covenhaver

Introduction: The Dialogues of Love of Leone Ebreo Rossella Pescatori


1 On Love and Desire
2 On the Universality of Love
3 On the Origin of Love

Afterword: The Dialogues of Love in Spanish Cosmos Damian Bacich


Preinted Editions and Translations of the Dialoghi d'amore


Index of Biblical and Mythological-Astrological Names

Index of Names and Works