Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English

Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English

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By T.K. Pratt
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 1996
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224 Pages
ISBN 9780802079046
Published Nov 1996
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Strupac, fornenst, trappy, scriss, kippy, snool, flying axehandles, from across - these and hundreds of other fascinating and colourful words and phrases give the English language as it has been spoken in Canada's smallest province a flavour all its own. With the Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English, T.K. Pratt makes a major scholarly contribution to the growing list of regional dictionaries that enable us to discover the rich heritage of the language as spoken throughout North America; at the same time it offers a splendid general introduction to the historical and sociological life of the island.

There are approximately 1000 entries of non-standard or dialect words, past and present. The notes deal with usage, pronunciation, alternate forms and spellings, and stylistic and regional labels. Entries include definitions, supportive quotations from P.E.I. sources, editorial notes about various subtleties, and dictionary notes which provide links to some thirty-five other dictionaries.

Pratt's introduction defines the criteria for inclusion of words, explains his research methods, and outlines the layout of entries. The end matter includes a bibliography and an important sociolinguistic essay, 'The Dictionary in Profile,' which places the work in the broader context of Prince Edward Island speech.

Its range and depth of coverage make this an essential work not only for those concerned with P.E.I. and Maritimes studies, but for all those interested in the regional usage of English.

T.K. Pratt is Professor of English at the University of Prince Edward Island.

'It's a feast for all lovers of weird words.'

Harry Bruce, The Montreal Gazette

'[Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English] is a superbly readable dictionary that reverberates with the real, living language of a people and yet is scholarly enough to satisfy the most ardent wordmonger.'

Wayne Grady, Books in Canada

'T.K. Pratt must be congratulated on the publication of a volume which is informative, scholarly and immensely enjoyable.'

Ged Martin, British Journal of Canadian Studies

'We are fortunate that this work has been published and has rescued many of these words from the ash heap of history. ... This dictionary will live as a record of a culture that grew out of the lives and experience of generations of Islanders.'

Errol Sharpe,, New Maritimes

'At last a work of Island scholarship everyone can enjoy. Professor Terry Pratt has produced a Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English that's carefully prepared, clearly arranged, scholarly, readable, and useful.'

Elizabeth Cran, The Evening Patriot, Charlottetown

"T.K. Pratt's book is a major contribution to the growing list of regional dictionaries that enable us to explore the richness of the English language as it is spoken throughout North America.'

'Anyone with an interest in the culture of Atlantic Canada will find much to enjoy in this collection of colloquialisms and non-standard English spoken and written in Prince Edward Island.'

G.B. Hallett, Atlantic Provinces Book Review