E.J. Pratt: Letters

E.J. Pratt: Letters

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Edited by Elizabeth Popham and David G. Pitt
Collected Works of E.J.Pratt
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2017
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ISBN 9781442650237
Published Jan 2017
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This edition of E.J. Pratt’s letters is the final volume in the Collected Works series. Because of Pratt’s role in the making of Canadian culture between and after the World Wars, his correspondence highlights key moments in our cultural history and provides a view of the enterprise from its very centre.

The letters take us into his "workshop," illuminating the research behind his distinctive documentary long poems and the social nature of his creative production. They also reveal the complex network of writers, critics, artists and political figures of which Pratt was a part, the evolution of the Canadian book trade from the 1920s through to the early 1960s, and the emergence of radio (and specifically, of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) as a tool for forging national identity. Pratt's correspondence both confirms the public persona of one of Canada’s first literary celebrities and provides glimpses of the private character behind the mask.

Elizabeth Popham is professor in the Department of English Literature at Trent University.

David G. Pitt is emeritus professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Editorial procedures


Biographical chronology


I Peregrinations: 1903-25

II A Taste of National Acclaim: 1925-32

III Prospect and Promotion: 1932-39

IV Historical Fact and Epic Construction: 1939-44

V Steering between Extremes: 1944-48

VI Knockings at the Door: 1948-53

VII Accepting the Years: 1953-55

VIII As Good as Any Old Horse My Age: 1955-64

Appendix : Some Letters by Viola Pratt


Textual notes


"The editors have done a formidable amount of work that will make a lasting contribution to Canadian culture, as well as to Pratt’s life."

Sherrill Grace, Professor Emerita, University of British Columbia

"Readers curious to learn more about Pratt’s life will find the collection an enjoyably revealing read."

Frank Davey, Professor Emeritus, Western University