Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy

Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy

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Ross R. McKitrick

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288 Pages
ISBN 9781442610705
Published Jan 2011
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The relationship between economic growth and the environment is at the forefront of public attention and poses serious challenges for policymakers around the world. Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy, a textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses, provides a rigorous and thorough explanation of modern environmental economics, applying this exposition to contemporary issues and policy analysis.

Opening with a discussion of contemporary pollution problems, institutional players and the main policy instruments at our disposal, Ross McKitrick develops core theories of environmental valuation and optimal control of pollution. Chapters that follow cover issues like tradable permits, regulatory standards, emission taxes, and polluter liability as well as advanced topics like trade and the environment, sustainability, risk, inequality, and self-monitoring. Throughout, McKitrick uses clear, intuitive, and coherent analytical tools, so that students, academics, and practitioners can develop their policy analysis skills while comprehending the debates and challenges at the frontier of this exciting and rapidly-developing field.

Ross R. McKitrick is a professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Guelph.

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Preface: Why This Book

  1. Issues, Instruments, Institutions, and Ideas
  2. Valuation of the Environment
  3. The Value of Emissions and the Costs of Abatement
  4. Optimal Emissions: The Partial Equilibrium Case
  5. Information, Uncertainty, and Instrument Choice
  6. Pollution Standards, Monitoring, and Enforcement
  7. Tradable Permits and Quotas
  8. Emission Taxes and the General Equilibrium Model of Emission Pricing
  9. Bargaining and Tort Law as Solutions to Externalities
  10. International Trade and Pollution
  11. Sustainability and Optimal Growth
  12. Policy Debates, Practice Exam, and Supplementary Questions


'McKitrick's Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy has changed how graduate-level environmental economics will be taught. It is systematic, up-to-date, and unique in emphasizing the links between theory and empirics. It is a tremendous contribution that is right on top of our "knowledge frontier" of environmental economics.'

Werner Antweiler, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

'Economic Analysis of Environmental Policy is eminently suitable for teaching an advanced course in environmental economics ... Ross McKitrick's book will provide students with the tools to rigorously analyse environmental policy.'

Richard S.J. Tol, Institute for Environmental Studies and Department of Spatial Economics, Free University of Amsterdam