Emotions, Community, and Citizenship: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

Emotions, Community, and Citizenship: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

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Edited by  Rebecca Kingston, Kiran Banerjee, James McKee, Yi-Chun Chien, and Constantine C. Vassiliou
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2017
304 Pages
ISBN 9781442645523
Published Mar 2017
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Emotions are at the very heart of individual and communal actions. They influence our social and interpersonal behaviour and affect our perspectives on culture, history, politics, and morality.

Emotions, Community, and Citizenship is a pioneering work that brings together scholars from an array of disciplines in order to challenge and unite the disciplinary divides in the study of emotions. These carefully selected studies highlight how emotions are studied within various disciplines with particular attention to the divide between naturalistic and interpretive approaches. The editors of this volume have provided a nuanced and insightful introduction and conclusion which provide not only an overarching commentary but a framework for the interdisciplinary approach to emotion studies.

Rebecca Kingston is Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto.

Kiran Banerjee is a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University.

James McKee is Director of Research in the Public Affairs Bureau of the Government of Alberta.

Yi-Chun Chien is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto.

Constantine C. Vassiliou is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto.
Preface Social Implications of Emotions
Keith Oatley

Introduction Introduction to Emotions in Context
Rebecca Kingston, Kiran Banerjee, Yi-Chun Chien, and James McKee

Part I Interpretive Perspectives

Chapter 1 Virtue and Emotional Education in Ancient Greece
Ryan Balot

Chapter 2 Renaissance Discourses of Emotions
Jan Purnis

Chapter 3 Wittgenstein and the Social Science of Emotion
John G.Gunnell

Part II Naturalistic Approaches

Chapter 4 Current Emotion Research in Philosophy
Paul Griffiths

Chapter 5 Are our Emotional Feelings Relational
Georg Northoff

Chapter 6 The Interpersonal is Political: The Role of Social Belongingness in Emotional Experience and Political Orientation
Kristina Tchalova and Geoff MacDonald

Chapter 7 Revisiting Emotions of Three Post 9/11 Movements
Joseph F. Fletcher and Jennifer Hove

Part III Emotions and Citizenship

Chapter 8 Constructing Indignation: Anger Dynamics in Protest Movements
James Jasper

Chapter 9 Compassion and the Public Sphere: Hannah Arendt on a Contested Political Passion
Sophie Bourgault

Chapter 10 Rawls on the Embedded Self: Liberalism as an Affective Regime
Kiran Banerjee and Jeff Bercuson

Part IV Seeking Common Ground

Epilogue Integrating Multiple Perspectives in the Study of Emotions.
Rebecca Kingston


End Notes