Engaging Heidegger

Engaging Heidegger

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By Richard Capobianco
Foreword by William J. Richardson
New Studies in Phenomenology and Hermeneutics
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2010
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192 Pages
ISBN 9781442612648
Published Apr 2011
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One of the most important philosophers of the twentieth century, Martin Heidegger was primarily concerned with the ‘question of Being.’ However, recent scholarship has tended to marginalize the importance of the name of Being in his thought. Through a focused reading of Heidegger's texts, and especially his late and often overlooked Four Seminars (1966-1973), Richard Capobianco counters this trend by redirecting attention to the centrality of the name of Being in Heidegger's lifetime of thought.

Capobianco gives special attention to Heidegger's resonant terms Ereignis and Lichtung and reads them as saying and showing the very same fundamental phenomenon named ‘Being itself ’. Written in a clear and approachable manner, the essays in Engaging Heidegger examine Heidegger's thought in view of ancient Greek, medieval, and Eastern thinking, and they draw out the deeply humane character of his ‘meditative thinking.’

Richard Capobianco is a professor in the Department of Philosophy at Stonehill College.

Engaging Heidegger by Richard Capobianco



Foreword by William J. Richardson


The Fate of Being

Ereignis: (Only) Another Name for Being Itself

The Turn Toward Home

From Angst to Astonishment

Lichtung: The Early Lighting

Plato's Light and the Phenomenon of the Clearing

Building: Centering, Decentering, Recentering

Limit and Transgression



'Engaging Heidegger is truly a pleasure to read. With impeccable scholarship and remarkable lucidity, Richard Capobianco combines an appreciation of Heidegger's speculative depth with an evaluation that evinces solid common sense and a thoughtful, humane outlook.'

Richard Velkley, Department of Philosophy, Tulane University

‘Capobianco provides a much needed clarification of the development of Heidegger's thought … It is a valuable contribution to scholarship concerned with Heidegger's differing approaches to the question of Being as well as to the development of his concept of Lichtung.’

Andrew Ryder,Studies in Social and Political Thought, vol. 18:winter 2010

‘[Engaging Heidegger] is refreshing for its clarity and scholarly precision … I am sure that others will join me in looking forward to further stimulating and illuminating reflections on Heidegger by this careful scholar and insightful thinker.’

Bret W. Davis, Notre Dame Philosophical Review

‘Richard Capobianco’s impressive book tackles some fundamental questions in Heidegger’s thought, and does so in a remarkably clear and pointed manner…Engaging Heidegger is highly illuminating and provocative.’

Lawrence J. Hatab, Gatherings: the Heidegger Circle Annual: vol 1:2011

'Capobianco's book, Engaging Heidegger, is an example of the best type of scholarship in Heidegger studies... His perceptive eye for nuanced and cautious, close and historical reading allows the author to avoid any deceptions inherent in large scale narratives about the development of any philosopher's thought.'

William Koch, Human Studies; vol 34:02:2011

‘Capobianco’s work is fittingly titled, for it is indeed an engaging treatment of Heidegger. It is furthermore a very fine piece of scholarship that argues for some important claims about Heidegger, with solid grounding in Heidegger’s texts and through command of the literature on Heidegger.’

Richard Velkley, Research in Phenomenology vol 41:2011