Essays in Canadian Economic History

Essays in Canadian Economic History

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By Harold A. Innis
Edited by Mary Q. Innis
Introduction by Matthew Evenden
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2017
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442 Pages
ISBN 9781487521240
Published Feb 2017
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Harold A. Innis helped to found the field of Canadian economic history. He is best known for the "staples thesis" which dominated the discourse of Canadian economic history for decades.

This volume collects Innis’ published and unpublished essays on economic history, from 1929 to 1952, thereby charting the development of the arguments and ideas found in his books The Fur Trade in Canada and The Cod Fisheries. These essays capture Innis’ ever evolving views on the practices and uses of economic history as well as Canadian economic history. The new introduction written by prominent historian Matthew Evenden provides a fresh take on Innis life’s work and situates the essays in the context of his scholarship as well as recent studies on Canadian economic history. This volume offers invaluable insight into one of Canada’s most original thinkers and his interpretation of our nation’s history.

Harold A. Innis (1894-1952) was a Canadian professor of political economy at the University of Toronto and the author of seminal works on media, communication theory and Canadian economic history.

Matthew Evenden is a professor in the Department of Geography as well as the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at the University of British Columbia.

Mary Quayle Innis (1899-1972) was an economist, writer, editor, and academic administrator. She was the dean of women at University College, University of Toronto, for a number of years, and she was married to noted economics historian, Harold A. Innis.


  1. The Teaching of Economic History in Canada
  2. The Work of Thorstein Veblen
  3. An Introduction to the Economic History of the Maritimes, Including Newfoundland and New England
  4. The Rise and Fall of the Spanish Fishery in Newfoundland
  5. Transportation as a Factor in Canadian Economic History
  6. Government Ownership and the Canadian Scene
  7. Interrelations between the Fur Trade of Canada and the United States
  8. An Introduction to the Economic History of Ontario from Outpost to Empire
  9. The Canadian Economy and the Depression
  10. Unused Capacity as a Factor in Canadian Economic History
  11. An Introduction to Canadian Economic Studies
  12. Labour in Canadian Economic History
  13. Significant Factors in Canadian Economic Development
  14. The Historical Development of the Dairy Industry in Canada
  15. Transportation in the Canadian Economy
  16. Economic Trends in Canadian-American Relations
  17. The Lumber Trade in Canada
  18. The Penetrative Powers of the Price System
  19. The Wheat Economy
  20. The Changing Structure of the Canadian Market
  21. Recent Developments in the Canadian Economy
  22. The Canadian Mining Industry
  23. Imperfect Regional Competition and Political Institutions on the North Atlantic Seaboard
  24. Liquidity Preference as a Factor in Industrial Development
  25. Decentralization and Democracy
  26. The Political Implications of Unused Capacity
  27. The Church in Canada
  28. Great Britain, the United States, and Canada