Everyone a Leader: A Guide to Leading High-Performance Organizations for Engineers and Scientists

Everyone a Leader: A Guide to Leading High-Performance Organizations for Engineers and Scientists

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By David Colcleugh
Rotman-UTP Publishing
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272 Pages
ISBN 9781487521837
Published Sep 2016
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Are you an engineer or scientist early in your career, or a student in either of these fields, looking to develop your leadership capabilities? Learn from David Colcleugh, former CEO of DuPont Canada, leadership educator, and author of Everyone a Leader. This book outlines innovative learning frameworks for acquiring competence in leadership that were developed at DuPont Canada applied to different concepts throughout the book.

Everyone a Leader is specifically tailored to meet the needs of those in engineering and scientific fields. Colcleugh refers to value-added processes and systems familiar to engineers and scientists to illustrate how they can benefit from developing leadership capabilities in addition to their technical skills. These theories come to life in the anecdotes that Colcleugh shares from throughout his career.

The models in this book have been tested as a teaching tool at the Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering at the University of Toronto, making the book well-suited to academic courses on leadership. Because it illuminates the value of leadership development for all employees of technologically focused organizations, Everyone a Leader also reveals the transformational results that become possible when every employee is not only a functional expert, but also a leader.

David Colcleugh retired as Chairman, President, and CEO of DuPont Canada in 2003 after a 39-year career with the company. He currently teaches Leadership Development in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Engineering at the University of Toronto. He also serves on a number of Boards of Directors and maintains an active consultancy with various engineering and scientific companies.

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Part 1: The Meaning of Leading and Leadership

Part 2: Preparing Yourself to Lead

Part 3: Leading the Organization



Everyone a Leader is an exciting and future-forward book. Using excellent, timely models, David Colcleugh introduces a new way to develop leadership for high-performance organizations in the increasingly technologically driven business landscape. His depth of experience allows him to provide a unique perspective on leadership for engineers and scientists.”

Kimberly Woodhouse, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Queen’s University

“David Colcleugh’s Everyone a Leader illustrates the progression from ‘engineer’ to ‘engineer-leader’ to ‘leader-engineer.’ His suggestions align with what’s required in today’s environment of technological innovation, globalization, and complex socio-economic-cultural dynamics.”

Angela Thieman Dino, co-creator of the Engineering Leadership Program, University of Colorado at Boulder

“It is, in my opinion, vital to future competitiveness that we educate engineers and scientists with the best blend of theory, practice, and context. Everyone a Leader brings a practice-based approach with the potential to accelerate the transition of early career engineers and scientists from educated specialists to significant contributors.”

Simon Pitts, Director, The Gordon Engineering Leadership Program at Northeastern University