French 'Ecocritique': Reading French Theory and Fiction Ecologically

French 'Ecocritique': Reading French Theory and Fiction Ecologically

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By Stephanie Posthumus
University of Toronto Romance Series
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2017
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264 Pages
ISBN 9781487501457
Available Dec 2017
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French Écocritique is the first book-length study of the culturally specific ways in which contemporary French literature and theory raise questions about nature and environment. Stephanie Posthumus’s ground-breaking work brings together thinkers such as Guattari, Latour, and Serres with recent ecocritical theories to complicate what might otherwise become a reductive notion of "French ecocriticism." Working across contemporary philosophy and literature, the book defines the concept of the ecological as an attentiveness to specific nature-culture contexts and to a text’s many interdiscursive connections. Posthumus identifies four key concepts, ecological subjectivity, ecological dwelling, ecological politics, and ecological ends, for changing how we think about human-nature relations. French Écocritique highlights the importance of moving beyond canonical ecocritical texts and examining a diversity of cultural and literary traditions for new ways of imagining the environment.

Stephanie Posthumus is an assistant professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures at McGill University.

INTRODUCTION - Ecological Readings

CHAPTER ONE - Ecological Subjectivity: Guattari and Darrieussecq

CHAPTER TWO - Ecological Dwelling: Serres and Lafon 

CHAPTER THREE - Ecological Politics: Latour and Rufin

CHAPTER FOUR - Ecological Ends: Schaeffer and Houellebecq

CONCLUSION - Further Ecological Readings