Globetrotting or Global Citizenship?: Perils and Potential of International Experiential Learning

Globetrotting or Global Citizenship?: Perils and Potential of International Experiential Learning

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Edited by Rebecca Tiessen and Robert Huish
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2014
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ISBN 9781442626119
Published Apr 2014
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Globetrotting or Global Citizenship? explores the broad range of international experiential learning options available to Canadian students, as well as the  opportunities and the ethical dilemmas that come with them. Combining practical advice with critical examinations of international experiential learning, this essay collection is designed to help the reader to move beyond photo-ops and travel opportunities and towards striving for a deeper global citizenship.

Globetrotting or Global Citizenship? is a valuable guide for students considering going abroad for experiential learning and a useful resource for those returning from such programs, as well as instructors and administrators facilitating pre-departure and return orientation sessions. Anyone taking part in international volunteering will find the reflections and analysis provided here an excellent starting point for understanding the potential impact of their time abroad.

Rebecca Tiessen is an associate professor in the School of International Development and Global Studies at the University of Ottawa.

Robert Huish is an assistant professor in the Department of International Development Studies at Dalhousie University.

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List of Contributors

1. International Experiential Learning and Global Citizenship – Rebecca Tiessen (University of Ottawa, Global Studies) and Robert Huish (Dalhousie University, International Development Studies)

2. Grounding Experiential Learning in Thick Conceptions of Global Citizenship – John Cameron (Dalhousie University, International Development Studies)

3. Critical Hyper-Reflexivity and Challenging Power: Pushing Past the Dichotomy of Employability and Good Global Citizenship in Development Studies Experiential Learning Contexts – Jonathan Langdon (St Francis Xavier University, Development Studies) and Coleman Agyeyoamh (Director of Venceremos Development Consults)

4. Career Aspirations and Experiential Learning Abroad: Perspectives from Canadian Youth on Short-Term Placements – Rebecca Tiessen

5. Uncovering What Lies Beneath: An Examination of Power, Privilege and Racialization in International Social Work – Lahoma Thomas (University of Toronto) and Uppala Chandrasekera (M.S.W., RSW)

6. Secondary School Experiential Learning Programs in the Global South: Critical Reflections from an Ontario Study – Katie Fizzell (Queen’s University, Global Development Studies) and Marc Epprecht (Queen’s University, Development Studies)

7. Experiential Learning in Challenging Settings: Lessons from Post-Genocide Rwanda – Marie-Eve Desrosiers (University of Ottawa, International Development and Global Studies) and Susan Thomson (Colgate University, Peace and Conflict Studies)

8. “Would Flexner close the doors on this?” The Ethical Dilemmas of International Health Electives in Medical Education – Robert Huish

9. Getting Prepared for International Experiential Learning: An Ethical Imperative – Julie Drolet (Thompson Rivers University, Human, Social and Educational Development Studies)

10. Getting the Most out of Studying Abroad: Ways to Maximize Learning in Short-Term Study Trips – Stacie Travers (Canadian Bureau for International Education, Program Manager)

11. (De)colonizing Pedagogies: An Exploration of Learning with Students Volunteering Abroad – Katie MacDonald (University of Alberta)

12. Visual Representation and Canadian Government-Funded Volunteer Abroad Programs: Picturing the Canadian Global Citizen – Ellyn Clost (Researcher, Kingston, Ontario)

13. Volunteer Stories about International Development: Challenges of Public Engagement Campaigns in Youth NGOs – Manda Ann Roddick (University of Victoria)

14. Afterword: The Should be Nothing Experimental about Experiential Learning: From Globetrotting to Global Citizenship – Robert Huish and Rebecca Tiessen

Globetrotting or Global Citizenship? is an essential resource for all international experiential learning programs at the university and secondary school level.”

Garry Fehr, Director, Global Development Studies Institute, University of the Fraser Valley

“Given the extraordinary interest in international experiential learning that exists among students both in high school and in post-secondary institutions, Globetrotting or Global Citizenship? is a timely volume of readings. The collection confronts the ethics of engaging with the explosion of opportunities for international travel and serves as a reminder that the maxim ‘to do no harm’ should be at the forefront of students’ and educators’ minds alike.”

Sally Humphries, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Guelph

“The collective wisdom of a diverse and very experienced group of contributors, Globetrotting or Global Citizenship? is a significant and insightful contribution to the debate on global citizenship. The book is eminently readable and should be essential reading for teachers and students of global citizenship and development studies.”

Dalene Swanson, School of Education, University of Stirling

‘The wealth and depth of both academic and pedagogical experience of contributors is reflected in this edited collection….I recommend this book to anyone interested in the paradoxes and challenges of internationalization and global citizenship.’

Vanessa Andreotti, Canadian Journal of Developmental Studies vol 37:01:2016

‘Those of us who conduct international learning experience have long needed a good book about the subject- one that deals with both what goes on in such ventures and how to make them more successful. Globetrotting or Global Citizenship provides some useful starting steps in that direction.’

Jon Van Til, Voluntas vol 27:04:2016