High Ideals and Noble Intentions: Voluntary Sector-Government Relations in Canada

High Ideals and Noble Intentions: Voluntary Sector-Government Relations in Canada

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By Peter R. Elson
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Published Mar 2011
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The relationships between governments and the voluntary sector in Canada are long-standing and complex. Beginning with an historical overview of developments in voluntary sector-government relations from 1600 to 1930, High Ideals and Noble Intentions goes on to explore more recent events and to bring present day policy and practice into focus.

Peter R. Elson examines critical historical events in the relationship between the federal government and the voluntary sector which continue to exert their influence. He demonstrates through in-depth case studies that these events are critical to understanding contemporary voluntary sector-government relations. Elson explores the impact of the regulation of charities based on amendments to the 1930 Income War Tax Act; the shift from citizen-based program funding to service-based contract funding in the mid-1990s; and advocacy regulation changes in the 1980s. Elson's case is strengthened by an important and timely comparison between voluntary sector and central government relations in Canada and England. This historically informed comparative analysis provides the basis for practical recommendations meant to improve the future of voluntary sector-government relations across Canada.

Peter R. Elson is a senior research fellow at the Institute for Community Prosperity at Mount Royal University and an adjunct assistant professor in the School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria.

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  1. Introduction
  2. 1600 to 1930: An Emerging Institutionalism
  3. The 1930 Income War Tax Amendment
  4. Where Is the Voice of Canada’s Voluntary Sector?
  5. Cuts to the Core
  6. Canada, This Is London Calling
  7. High Ideals and Noble Intentions


'Peter Elson clearly highlights the structural problems currently facing the voluntary sector by examining the historical and institutional forces that have driven relationships between governments and non-profits. He provides compelling evidence that critical junctures occur as a consequence of developments both incremental and dramatic. High Ideals and Noble Intentions provides a blueprint for change that will be significant to the future development of the voluntary sector in Canada.'

James J. Rice, School of Social Work , McMaster University

'High Ideals and Noble Intentions fills a void in the current literature on Canada's non-profits by providing a comprehensive political history of the sector within a book-length analytical framework. Peter Elson's thorough understanding of voluntary institutions and national policy allows him to build a logical, evidentiary argument. The questions he raises, presented accessibly and engagingly, will have widespread policy appeal.'

Jacquelyn Scott, Shannon School of Business, Cape Breton University