Human Rights: Current Issues and Controversies

Human Rights: Current Issues and Controversies

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Edited by Gordon DiGiacomo
University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division © 2016
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Published Feb 2016
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Written largely by Canadian scholars for Canadian readers, this overview of contemporary human rights concerns introduces the human rights instruments—provincial, national, and international—which protect Canadians. The volume begins with an outline of the history of human rights before moving on to discuss such important topics as the relationship between political institutions and rights protection, rights issues pertaining to specific communities, and cross-cutting rights issues that affect most or all citizens. Contemporary and comprehensive, Human Rights: Current Issues and Controversies is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about human rights.

Gordon DiGiacomo obtained his doctorate in political science in 2010 from Carleton University. Most of his career, prior to entering the academic world in 2003, was devoted to working on issues pertaining to labour rights. His introduction to rights and rights instruments came in the early 1980s when, like other ministerial assistants at the time, he was engaged in the promotion of a constitutionally entrenched charter of rights for Canadians. Among the courses he teaches at the University of Ottawa is the Politics of Human Rights.


Gordon DiGiacomo

Part One
1. The Evolution of Human Rights Protection in Canada
Brooke Jeffrey

2. The Genesis and Evolution of the Postwar Human Rights Project
Roland Burke and James Kirby

Part Two
3. Political Institutions and the Protection of Human Rights
Gordon DiGiacomo

4. Federalism and Rights: The Case of the United States, with Comparative Perspectives
John Kincaid

5. Human Rights NGOs
David Zarnett

Part Three
6. Temporary Migrant Workers in Canada: Protecting and Extending Labour Rights
Tanya Basok

7. Children's Rights: Their Role, Significance, and Potential
Tara Collins and Christine Gervais

8. Age, Age Discrimination, and Ageism
Thomas R. Klassen

9. Aboriginal Rights: The Right to Self-Government versus the Right to Self-Determination
Gordon DiGiacomo and Tracie Scott

10. DisAbling Human Rights? Moving from Rights to Access and Inclusion in Daily Life
Deborah Stienstra

11. The Politics of Women's Rights
Caroline Andrew

12. "All Manner of Wickedness Abounds": Reconciling Queer Rights and Religious Rights
Karen Busby

13. The Arab Spring and Human Rights: Discarding the Old Clichés
Mahmood Monshipouri and Kelley O'Dell

14. Freedom of Religion: A Change in Perspective?
Melanie Adrian

Part Four
15. Whither Economic and Social Rights? Assessing the Position of Economic and Social Rights in the Neoliberal, Post-Crisis Context
Susan Kang and Jennifer Rutledge

16. Business and Human Rights: Challenges in Accessing Remedy and Justice
Sara Seck and Kirsten Stefanik

17. Human Rights and Climate Change
Sam Adelman

18. Human Rights and Security: Reflections on an Integral Relation
Trevor Purvis

19. Now You See Me: Privacy, Technology, and Autonomy in the Digital Age
Valerie Steeves

Concluding Discussion: The Effectiveness of Rights Instruments
Gordon DiGiacomo

Appendix 1: International Human Rights Treaties
Appendix 2: Simulation Exercise
As a long time researcher and teacher in the area of human rights, I encourage all to closely examine Human Rights: Current Issues and Controversies. First, it deals with a wide range of important issues from the rights of workers to climate change. Second, it examines the insights of law while simultaneously de-emphasizing an exclusively formal and legalistic approach. Third, this text is an excellent introduction to the debate between the 'rights of communities' and the 'rights of individuals.' This is the best introduction to these issues I have come across.

Paul Brienza, York University