Indigenous Methodologies: Characteristics, Conversations, and Contexts

Indigenous Methodologies: Characteristics, Conversations, and Contexts

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By Margaret Kovach
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2009
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216 Pages
ISBN 9781442612112
Published Oct 2010
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Published Oct 2010
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What are Indigenous research methodologies, and how do they unfold? Indigenous methodologies flow from tribal knowledge, and while they are allied with several western qualitative approaches, they remain distinct. These are the focal considerations of Margaret Kovach's study,which offers guidance to those conducting research in the academy using Indigenous methodologies.

Kovach includes topics such as Indigenous epistemologies, decolonizing theory, story as method, situating self and culture, Indigenous methods, protocol, meaning-making, and ethics. In exploring these elements, the book interweaves perspectives from six Indigenous researchers who share their stories, and also includes excerpts from the author's own journey into Indigenous methodologies. Indigenous Methodologies is an innovative and important contribution to the emergent discourse on Indigenous research approaches and will be of use to graduate students, professors, and community-based researchers of all backgrounds - both within the academy and beyond.

Margaret Kovach is an assistant professor in the College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan.



  1. Indigenous and Qualitative Inquiry: A Round Dance?
  2. Creating Indigenous Research Frameworks
  3. Epistemology and Research: Centring Tribal Knowledge
  4. Applying a Decolonizing Lens within Indigenous Research Frameworks
  5. Story as Indigenous Methodology
  6. Situating Self, Culture, and Purpose in Indigenous Inquiry
  7. Indigenous Research Methods and Interpretation
  8. Doing Indigenous Research in a Good Way—Ethics and Reciprocity
  9. Situating Indigenous Research within the Academy



'Indigenous Methodologies is an excellent contribution to the emerging literature through its focus on the links between epistemology and research methodology ... Written with both passion and reason, Indigenous Methodologies will resonate with researchers, students, and faculty working in this area.'

David Newhouse, Indigenous Studies, Trent University

'Rather than insisting upon particular ways of knowing, Margaret Kovach creates the space to engage with and validate new (or more often, very old) ways of knowing in the context of academic research.'

Naomi Adelson, York University

‘This engaging book should be read by all Indigenous students pursuing advance university degrees and everyone who conducts or reviews research in Indigenous communities… Kovach’s work helps point us toward the new, mutually respectful forms of dialogue, research, theory, and action that we need to create to support Indigenous research.’

T.J. Ferguson, Journal of Anthropological Research: vol67:2011

’I highly recommend this book to other researchers, particularly students, considering academic inquiry involving Indigenous peoples.’

Ella Bennett, The Canadian Geographer, vol 56:02:2012

Saskatchewan Book Award for Scholarly Writing (Canada) - Winner in 2010