Innovation Reinvented: Six Games that Drive Growth

Innovation Reinvented: Six Games that Drive Growth

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By Roger Miller and Marcel Côté
Rotman-UTP Publishing
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312 Pages
ISBN 9781442644298
Published Apr 2012
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Innovation is essential for businesses to survive in the long run, but there are no one-size-fits-all strategies for innovating successfully. A firm's specific business environment will determine what works and what does not work.

Based on a global survey of innovative firms and on 50 in-depth case studies, Innovation Reinvented identifies six patterns or 'games' of innovation, each commanding best-of-class strategies and best practices. Examining recognized innovative companies - from Apple and Intel in the technology area to Proctor & Gamble and Clorox in mature markets - this book dispels the notion of innovation as a 'one-size fits all' or necessarily radical process. As Roger Miller and Marcel Côté demonstrate, the vast majority of innovations result from improvements in product features or business processes.

Innovation Reinvented provides a unique framework for entrepreneurs and senior executives to identify the game(s) in which a business is involved, and which approaches are best-suited to win by competing on innovation.

Roger Miller's academic career has focused on understanding innovation. He is a the Distinguished Research Scholar at the Said Business School in the University of Oxford and a University Partner at Secor, a strategy consulting firm.

Marcel Côté, the founder of Secor, is a well-known strategy consultant and public policy advisor in Canada, as well as a serial investor in start-up companies.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Diversity of Innovation
Chapter 2 Peering into the black box
Chapter 3 Searching for Patterns
Chapter 4 The Games of Innovation
Chapter 5 Emerging and Mature Markets
Chapter 6 Product Architecture

Chapter 7 Eureka!
Chapter 8 The special case of the pharmaceutical sector
Chapter 9 Battles of Architecture
Chapter 10 Breakthrough Games: High technology craft
Chapter 11 New and Improved
Chapter 12 Mass Customization
Chapter 13 Pushing The Envelope
Chapter 14 Transitions

Chapter 15 Winning strategies
Chapter 16 Public Policies
Chapter 17 Rethinking innovation


Innovation Reinvented is well positioned to become a classic 'must read' in the field. This wonderfully insightful book strikes an immediate chord with the most pressing challenges of our time - creating employment, stimulating economic growth, and preparing new opportunities for future generations - and illustrates how such macro-level results can be achieved through micro-level business innovation. Unlike other books, Innovation Reinvented offers both rich empirical evidence gleaned from a wide variety of sources and practical guidance on how these findings will affect business and policy. Engagingly describing the actual processes of innovation that drive growth in a manner that can be grasped immediately by any reader, this book will benefit business leaders, academics, policymakers, students, researchers, and consultants.’

Mike Hobday, Head of Research and Knowledge Transfer, Brighton Business School and Head of the Centre for Research in Innovation Management, University of Brighton

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