Korean Immigrants in Canada: Perspectives on Migration, Integration, and the Family

Korean Immigrants in Canada: Perspectives on Migration, Integration, and the Family

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Edited by Samuel Noh, Ann H. Kim, and Marianne S. Noh
Asian Canadian Studies
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312 Pages
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Published Sep 2012
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Koreans are one of the fastest-growing visible minority groups in Canada today. However, very few studies of their experiences in Canada or their paths of integration are available to public and academic communities. Korean Immigrants in Canada provides the first scholarly collection of papers on Korean immigrants and their offspring from interdisciplinary, social scientific perspectives.

The contributors explore the historical, psychological, social, and economic dimensions of Korean migration, settlement, and integration across the country. A variety of important topics are covered, including the demographic profile of Korean-Canadians, immigrant entrepreneurship, mental health and stress, elder care, language maintenance, and the experiences of students and the second generation. Readers will find interconnecting themes and synthesized findings throughout the chapters. Most importantly, this collection serves as a platform for future research on Koreans in Canada.

Samuel Noh is the David Crombie Professor of Cultural Pluralism and Health in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto.

Ann H. Kim is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology at York University.

Marianne S. Noh is a postdoctoral scholar in the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing at the University of Western Ontario.

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Pyong Gap Min (City University of New York)

Chapter 1

Introduction: Historical context and contemporary research, Ann H. Kim (York University), Marianne S. Noh (University of Western Ontario) and Samuel Noh (University of Toronto)

Chapter 2

Demographic profile of Koreans in Canada, Jungwee Park (Statistics Canada)

Part I: Understanding Korean Migration

Chapter 3

The Korean diaspora from global perspectives, In-Jin Yoon (Korea University)

Chapter 4

Is there evidence of price substitution in migration? The case of Korean immigration to North America in the 1990s, J.D. Han (King's College, University of Western Ontario) and Peter Ibbott (King's College, University of Western Ontario)

Chapter 5

Emerging gateways in the Atlantic: The institutional and family context of Korean migration to New Brunswick, Ann H. Kim and Chedly Belkhodja (Université de Moncton)

Chapter 6

International student experiences of migration and consuming Canadian education, Min-Jung Kwak (University of Toronto)

Part II: Immigrant Socioeconomic and Social-Psychological Integration

Chapter 7

Social, economic, and demographic characteristics of Korean self-employment in Canada, Elic Chan (University of Toronto) and Eric Fong (University of Toronto)

Chapter 8

Acculturative stress among Korean immigrants, Samuel Noh and Miea Moon (University of Windsor)

Chapter 9

Korean language maintenance in Canada, Mihyon Jeon (York University)

Chapter 10

Ethnic identity and self-concept among Korean Canadian youth, Samuel Noh, Aya Kimura Ida (California State University – Sacramento), Nancy B. Miller (Gifted Development Center), R. Frank Falk (Institute for the Study of Advanced Development), and Miea Moon

Chapter 11

Gendered experiences of ethnic identity among early adult second generation Korean Canadian and Korean American immigrants, Marianne S. Noh

Part III: Social Roles and Relationships in Korean Families

Chapter 12

Social support in elderly Korean Canadians: A case study in Calgary, Guilsung Kwak and Daniel Lai (University of Calgary)

Chapter 13

Korean fathers on Canadian shores, Young In Kwon (Yonsei University) and Susan S. Chuang (University of Guelph)

Chapter 14

Kirogi families as virtual ‘families’: Perspectives and experiences of Kirogi mothers, Junmin Jeong (University of Toronto) and Danièle Bélanger (University of Western Ontario)