Latin Learning and English Lore (Vols. I & II): Studies in Anglo-Saxon Literature for Michael Lapidge

Latin Learning and English Lore (Vols. I & II): Studies in Anglo-Saxon Literature for Michael Lapidge

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Edited by Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe, Andy Orchard
Toronto Old English Studies
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2005
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800 Pages
ISBN 9780802089199
Published Aug 2005
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Throughout the Anglo-Saxon period, Latin and Old English were, to large extent, alternative literary languages. Latin Learning and English Lore is a collection of essays examining the complex co-existence of the two languages within the literary, historical, and cultural milieu of Anglo-Saxon England.

More than forty of the leading Anglo-Saxon scholars in the world today have contributed to this two-volume survey of the whole range of Anglo-Saxon Literature in honour of Michael Lapidge, one of the most productive, influential, and important figures of Anglo-Saxon studies in recent years. The contributors include a wide range of the Lapidge's former colleagues, students, and collaborators.

The essays in Latin Learning and English Lore cover material from the beginning of the Anglo-Saxon literary record in the late seventh century to the immediately post-Conquest period of the twelfth century. The volumes together provide an invaluable survey of the rich literature, history, and culture of the period as well as a selection of groundbreaking studies that offer a number of exciting possibilities for future research.

Volume One Contributors
George H. Brown • David Dumville • Michael Fox • Roberta Frank • R.D. Fulk • Mary Garrison • Helmut Gneuss • Malcolm Godden • Mechthild Gretsch • Michael Herren • Simon Keynes • Leslie Lockett • Andy Orchard • Paul Remley • Richard Sharpe • Tom Shippey • Patrick Sims-Williams • Paul E. Szarmach • Michael Winterbottom • Charles D. Wright • Neil Wright

Volume Two Contributors
Peter Baker • Martha Bayless • Robert E. Bjork • Mary Clayton • Antonette diPaolo Healey • Thomas N. Hall • Joyce Hill • Nicholas Howe • Peter Jackson • Christopher A. Jones • Patrizia Lendinara • Roy Michael Liuzza • Rosalind Love • Richard Marsden • Bruce Mitchell • Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe • Oliver Padel • Fred C. Robinson • Katharine Scarfe-Beckett • D.G. Scragg • Jane Stevenson

Andy Orchard is the Provost of Trinity College at the University of Toronto.