Leadership in the Eye of the Storm: Putting Your People First in a Crisis

Leadership in the Eye of the Storm: Putting Your People First in a Crisis

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By Bill Tibbo
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216 Pages
ISBN 9781442649941
Published Sep 2016
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Corporations need great leaders – particularly during times of distress and crisis. Shareholders, employees, and longtime customers all experience firsthand the disastrous effects poor leadership can have on the human side of the business equation.

Leadership in the Eye of the Storm is a practical and inspirational guide that helps professionals create opportunity out of chaos. The book's insights are gleaned from the real life experiences of four North American profiled leaders who successfully navigated through the epicenter of their own storms by focusing first on the needs of their employees and families, and then the needs of their organizations. Events discussed include the 9/11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and the SARS outbreak. Tibbo offers a framework emerging from these narratives that enable future leaders to identify and cultivate the skills and behaviours required to not only meet the challenges but seize the opportunities that arise in times of chaos.

Bill Tibbo is the President and CEO of Bill Tibbo & Associates. Over the past 32 years he has led post-disaster teams for numerous events including the 2014 RCMP shootings in New Brunswick, the 2003 SARS epidemic and the 2001 World Trade Centre attack.


Part One – People-Focused Crisis Leadership

1 – Introduction

2 – Someone to Watch Over Me: The Centrality of Leadership

3 – My Human Being Trumps Your Employee: The Essential Role of Emotion

4 – Calm and Connected: The Importance of Continuous Communication

Part Two – The Stages of Crisis Response

5 – Four Leadership Profiles

6 – Stage One: Anticipating the Storm

7 – Stage Two: In the Eye of the Storm

8 – Stage Three: After the Wind Dies Down

9 – Stage Four: When the Quiet Finally Comes

Part Three – Leadership Lessons

10 – Lessons for the Daily Storm

11 – Enduring Leadership Lessons

"Thought provoking, comprehensive, doable, and full of practical wisdom. A must read for any Organizational leader"

Renee Jarvis, President, Canadian Critical Incident Stress Foundation

"Citing dozens of experiences, most of them personal –all of them recognizable from past headlines,  Bill makes it  crystal clear that waiting until the crisis hits to implement the necessary processes and behaviours is like trying to arrange for insurance coverage on a burning building. But where the investment in that insurance policy isn’t realized unless the disaster hits, he also establishes that the traits leaders invest in and develop, in themselves, in their people and in their organizations show immediate, tangible benefits – whether they ever face a crisis – or not. This book should be required reading for all organizational leaders – and for anyone participating in a business continuity or enterprise risk management exercise."

Don Vince President, Brookstone Insurance Group Inc.

"Bill Tibbo is a thoughtful leader with a deep appreciation of the psychology of management. ‎His expertise goes beyond the basic workings of organizations and extends to, among other things, a superb understanding of the cultural imperatives that lead to organizational effectiveness and success."

Chisanga P Chekwe CEO, Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Unit, ormer Ontario Deputy Minister of Citizenship and Immigration; Women's Issues: and Seniors' Affairs

"Leadership in the Eye of the Storm is as readable as it is useful. Bill Tibbo takes his own advice, and puts people at the heart of the leadership story, bringing vital lessons to life through real-life examples and case studies. It is a book as filled with humanity and compassion as it is with practical guidance. I strongly recommend it for anyone interested in leadership in general and in crisis leadership in particular."

David Phillips President & COO nlogic

"The guiding principles that Bill Tibbo identifies as needed at time of crisis should be part of all leadership thought, during good times and bad. Clearly there are leaders out there who have learned to embrace the concepts you have identified and their organizations are better off as a result."

Andy Sloan President & CEO, Partner Magnes Group Inc.

"Leadership connection and commitment is paramount in disaster situations where people have become unbalanced and disorientated. Leadership in the Eye of the Storm is a must-read for anyone wanting to gain insight into our new reality of large scale disasters."

Ron Alexandrowich, Professor Human Resources Management, York University

"Leadership in the Eye of the Storm reminds us all that the only way a crisis can be survived is by the recognition of the needs of those most affected. Bill Tibbo carefully lays out the necessary elements of understanding those needs and meeting them in constructive ways."

Rhonda Barnat, Managing Director and Co-Head Crisis Management Practice, Abernathy MacGregor Group

"In professional sports, ‘He is a born leader’ is a cliché often used to describe one’s captains. Having played alongside as well as against some of the National Hockey League’s greatest leaders, I have learned we all possess the qualities necessary to lead. Leadership in the Eye of the Storm proves that the boardroom is no different than the dressing room; the success of a team, through good and bad times, is directly related to the strength of your leadership core."

Kris King, Senior Vice President, Hockey Operations, National Hockey League

"No organization – large or small, private or public sector or not-for-profit – will survive the good times or the bad without strong leadership from top to bottom. Employees must have trust in their leaders and that doesn’t suddenly appear through osmosis when a tragedy occurs. It is earned through months and years of daily interaction in formal and informal settings. Leadership in the Eye of the Storm drives those and many other critical points home for the reader."

Chris D. Lewis, former Commissioner, Ontario Provincial Police

"Throughout Leadership in the Eye of the Storm Bill delivers a passionate message to CEOs, directors, politicians, managers, really any influential decision maker who comes face to face with having to lead people through an unexpected complex crisis. A compelling, straightforward read with key concepts and techniques that leaders hungry to grow themselves and their people need to read."

Dr Stephen B. Stokl, MD, FRCP(C), Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto and Chief of Psychiatry, Southlake Regional Health Centre

‘This book provides insightful stories and thoughtful directives for those responsible for organizational health.’

T.M. McKenzie, Choice Magazine vol 54:08:2017

‘A critically important read for anyone with corporate responsibilities in our increasingly volatile world.’

Willis M. Buhle, Midwest Book Review December 2016