Leading the Modern University: York Universitys Presidents on Continuity and Change, 1974-2014

Leading the Modern University: York University’s Presidents on Continuity and Change, 1974-2014

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Edited by Lorna R. Marsden
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Founded in 1959, York University is now the second largest university in Ontario and third largest university in Canada. However, starting in 1970s the success of the university was far from guaranteed.

Leading the Modern University documents the challenges and solutions that five successive university presidents (H. Ian Macdonald, Harry Arthurs, Susan Mann, Lorna Marsden, and Mamdouh Shoukri) encountered from the very early 1970s up to 2014. This book is the rare occurrence where a series of university presidents describe and analyze the challenges they faced regarding financing, morale crises, and succession. With each president contributing a chapter, covering her or his own years in office, Leading the Modern University reveals that large public institutions have internal dynamics and external forces that supersede any individual leader’s years in office. This is a case study for those interested in organizational change as seen by the leadership of a major public institution during a dynamic period in higher education.

Lorna Marsden is President Emerita of York University (1997-2007) and Wilfrid Laurier University (1992-1997). She was a professor of sociology at the University of Toronto for the previous twenty years.

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Lorna R. Marsden

1: Background to the Events of 1973 at York University
Lorna R. Marsden

2: York University: As Seen Through the Eyes of a President, 1974-1984
H. Ian Macdonald

3: The Economy is the Secret Police of Our Desires: York University 1985-1992
Harry Arthurs

4: Tales of York: 1992-1997
Susan Mann

5: Years of Transition: 1997-2007
Lorna R. Marsden

6: This is Our Time: Into a New Era at York University, 2007-2014
Mamdouh Shoukri

7: York’s Crises Resolved: The Future Is Secure
Lorna R. Marsden

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"This collection of essays provides a rare viewpoint on university development: the perspective from the president’s office at a single institution, York University. It’s interesting to see how many common themes, from labour relations to reputation management, followed one president after another across 40 years of change. And while all the stories are particular to York, their lessons can apply to any university, making this book a useful read for administrators across Canada."

Sheldon Levy, Deputy Minister for Ontario’s Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development, President of Ryerson University from 2005 to 2015

"In its unique combination of individual and collective leadership, Leading the Modern University makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the role of the university president in a very practical and personal way."

Ross Paul, President of Laurentian University from 1991 to 1998 and the University of Windsor from 1998 to 2008