Lessons of the Holocaust

Lessons of the Holocaust

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By Michael R. Marrus
Foreword by Margaret MacMillan
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216 Pages
ISBN 9781442630062
Published Dec 2015
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Although difficult to imagine, sixty years ago the Holocaust had practically no visibility in examinations of the Second World War. Yet today it is understood to be not only one of the defining moments of the twentieth century but also a touchstone in a quest for directions on how to avoid such catastrophes.

In Lessons of the Holocaust, the distinguished historian Michael R. Marrus challenges the notion that there are definitive lessons to be deduced from the destruction of European Jewry. Instead, drawing on decades of studying, writing about, and teaching the Holocaust, he shows how its “lessons” are constantly challenged, debated, altered, and reinterpreted.

A succinct, stimulating analysis by a world-renowned historian, Lessons of the Holocaust is the perfect guide for the general reader to the historical and moral controversies which infuse the interpretation of the Holocaust and its significance.

Michael R. Marrus is the Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor Emeritus of Holocaust Studies and the former dean of the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto.

Margaret MacMillan is the Warden of St Antony’s College and a professor of International History at the University of Oxford.

1. Public and Personal Lessons

2. Historical Lessons

3. Early Lessons

4. Jewish Lessons

5. Israeli Lessons

6. Universal Lessons

7. Lessons of the Holocaust

“There are no ‘lessons’ of the Holocaust. The conclusions people draw from this mind-boggling series of events we call ‘Holocaust,’ that is, the genocide of the Jews at the hands of Nazi Germany and its allies and supporters, are varied, and change over time. That is the core message of this fascinating book by one of the masters of the historical art and a major figure in Holocaust historiography.”

Yehuda Bauer, Professor Emeritus of History and Holocaust Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

“Academic memoir, erudite historiographical essay, provocative challenge to a flood of clichés, thoughtful analysis of the nature and purpose of the historical profession, and intellectual feast  – Michael Marrus’ Lessons of the Holocaust is all of these and a constant delight to read.”

Christopher R. Browning, Frank Porter Graham Professor of History Emeritus, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lessons of the Holocaust makes an important argument, relevant to scholars and popular audiences alike: that we must challenge, even discard, unquestioned pieties regarding the Holocaust. This is an excellent, stimulating book, sure to be both well received and widely discussed.”

Susannah Heschel, Eli Black Professor of Jewish Studies, Dartmouth College

National Jewish Book Awards, Holocaust Category awarded by the Jewish Book Council

(United States) - Runner-up in 2017
The Canadian Jewish Literary Awards (History) awarded by the Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies (Canada) - Winner in 2016