Medieval Military Technology, Second Edition

Medieval Military Technology, Second Edition

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By Kelly DeVries and Robert Douglas Smith
University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division © 2012
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384 Pages
ISBN 9781442604971
Published May 2012
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Published May 2012
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First published in 1992, Medieval Military Technology has become the definitive book in its field, garnering much praise and a large readership. This thorough update of a classic book, regarded as both an excellent overview and an important piece of scholarship, includes fully revised content, new sections on the use of horses, handguns, incendiary weapons, and siege engines, and eighteen new illustrations.

The four key organizing sections of the book still remain: arms and armor, artillery, fortifications, and warships. Throughout, the authors connect these technologies to broader themes and developments in medieval society as well as to current scholarly and curatorial controversies.

Kelly DeVries is Professor of History at Loyola University Maryland, an editor for the Journal of Medieval Military History and an Honorary Historical Consultant for the Royal Armouries. He is the author or editor of 18 books and more than 80 articles. He frequently appears on documentaries airing on PBS, and the History, History International, Discovery, and National Geographic channels.

Robert Douglas Smith is an independent museum consultant who spent 15 years as Head of Conservation with the Royal Armouries. His published works include Artillery of the Dukes of Burgundy 1363–1477 (2005, with K. DeVries), Medieval Weapons: An Illustrated History of Their Impact (2007, with K. DeVries), and Rewriting the History of Gunpowder (2010).
List of Illustrations

Part I: Arms and Armor

Chapter 1: Arms

The Spear/Lance
The Axe
The Sword
The Dagger
The Staff-Weapon
The Mace
The War Hammer
The Sling
The Bow
The Crossbow

Chapter 2: Armor

Early Medieval Armor
Armor in the Bayeux Tapestry
Twelfth-Century Armor
Shields, Helmets, and Heraldry in the Thirteenth Century
Fourteenth-Century Body Armor
Cloth-Covered Armor from the Battlefield of Visby
Later Fourteenth-Century Armor Developments
Plate Armor
Late Medieval Infantry Armor
Late Medieval Helmets
Late Medieval Shields and Barding

Chapter 3: The Stirrup, Mounted Shock Combat, Chivalry, and Feudalism

White's Thesis
Criticism of White's Thesis

Part II: Artillery

Chapter 4: Non-Gunpowder Artillery

Torsion Catapults
Traction Trebuchets
Counterweight Trebuchets
Greek Fire

Chapter 5: Gunpowder Artillery

Early History of European Gunpower Weapons
Siege, Battlefield, and Naval Applications
Types and Manufacturing of Gunpowder, Gunpowder Weapons, and Projectiles
Societal Impacts and Administrative Changes

Chapter 6: Siege Machines

Siege Towers
Battering Rams and Mining Devices

Part III: Fortifications

Chapter 7: Early Medieval Fortifications

Late Roman and Barbarian
The Viking Invasions and Reactions

Chapter 8: The Motte-and-Bailey Castle

The Influence of William the Conqueror
Construction Techniques

Chapter 9: Stone Castles

The Origin of Stone Castles
Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Stone Castles
Crusader Castles
The Golden Age of Castle Construction
Edward I's Castles in Wales

Chapter 10: Urban Fortifications and Fortified Residences

Fortified Residences
Town Walls
The Influence of Gunpowder Weapons

Part IV: Warships

Chapter 11: Early Medieval Warships

Late Roman and Early Medieval Ships
Viking Ships
William the Conqueror’s Fleet

Chapter 12: High and Late Medieval Warships

Crusader Ships
Thirteenth-Century Ships
Technological Innovations
Later Medieval Ships

The first edition was pioneering and this edition is eagerly awaited by those who study military history as well as those who work on the history of medieval technology. Especially important is the integration of recent work on gunpowder weapons and siege technologies.

Bernard S. Bachrach, University of Minnesota

This is a full and authoritative treatment of the subject which illuminates our understanding of the medieval world and its warfare with remarkable clarity.

John France, Swansea University

Many sections have been substantially rewritten to reflect recent scholarship, and the book as a whole is much improved by a more precise table of contents, many new illustrations, and revised introductions and conclusion.

Fiona Harris-Stoertz, Trent University

Without any doubt this is the most comprehensive and best single volume on the subject...a book one should always have at hand.

Robert C. Woosnam-Savage, Curator of European Edged Weapons, Royal Armouries

Far more than just a second edition of DeVries's 1992 classic, this represents a complete rewrite, with significant new scholarship on almost every page. It is hard to imagine a more comprehensive, wide-ranging, and intelligent treatment of the topics covered. The updated notes and bibliography alone are worth the price of admission. Scholars, aficionados, and libraries alike will have to use DeVries and Smith or be considered hopelessly out of date.

Bert S. Hall, University of Toronto

Added to DeVries's compendious knowledge of medieval warfare is Smith's deep understanding of the arms and armor of the period, including how they were made and used. The result is that rare thing: a book that can be trusted in what it says about both military history and the hardware used in fighting.

Guy Wilson, Past Master of the Armouries, Royal Armouries