Milton and Questions of History: Essays by Canadians Past and Present

Milton and Questions of History: Essays by Canadians Past and Present

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Edited by Feisal G. Mohamed and Mary Nyquist
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2012
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464 Pages
ISBN 9781442643925
Published Sep 2012
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Milton and Questions of History considers the contribution of several classic studies of Milton written by Canadians in the twentieth century. It contemplates whether these might be termed a coherent ‘school’ of Milton studies in Canada and it explores how these concerns might intervene in current critical and scholarly debates on Milton and, more broadly, on historicist criticism in its relationship to renewed interest in literary form.

The volume opens with a selection of seminal articles by noted scholars including Northrop Frye, Hugh McCallum, Douglas Bush, Ernest Sirluck, and A.S.P. Woodhouse. Subsequent essays engage and contextualize these works while incorporating fresh intellectual concerns. The Introduction and Afterword frame the contents so that they constitute a dialogue between past and present critical studies of Milton by Canadian scholars.

Feisal G. Mohamed is an associate professor in the Department of English at the University of Illinois.

Mary Nyquist is a professor in the Department of English at the University of Toronto.

Introduction, by Feisal G. Mohamed and Mary Nyquist

i) Reprints

Douglas Bush, ‘The Modern Reaction to Milton’

A.S.P. Woodhouse, from Introduction to Puritanism and Liberty

Northrop Frye, ‘Literature as Context: Milton’s Lycidas

Hugh MacCallum, ‘Milton and Figurative Interpretation of the Bible’

Balachandra Rajan, ‘Paradise Lost

Ernest Sirluck, ‘Areopagitica and a Forgotten Licensing Controversy’

Arthur Barker, ‘ “... And on his Crest Sat Horror”: Eighteenth-Century Interpretations of Milton’s Sublimity and his Satan’

ii) Reflection

Hugh MacCallum, ‘The Study of Milton at the University of Toronto in the Mid-Twentieth Century’

iii) New Articles

John Leonard, ‘Douglas Bush in His Time and Ours’

Elizabeth Sauer, ‘Radical Company: Milton, the Nostalgia of (Post-)War Criticism, and the Case of A.S.P. Woodhouse’s Puritanism and Liberty

Nicholas von Maltzahn, ‘Milton and the Deist Prelude to Liberalism’

Annabel Patterson, ‘Milton as Political Prophet: The Readie and Easie Way

Peter C. Herman, ‘Northrop Frye, Lycidas and the “Intense Inane” of History’

Feisal G. Mohamed, ‘Fielding, Jonson, and the Critique of High Mimesis in Paradise Lost

Elizabeth Hodgson, ‘Milton Takes the Veil’

Phillip J. Donnelly, ‘Historical Appearance in Areopagitica

Muhammad Sid-Ahmad, ‘Ibn Tufayl’s Hayy and Milton’s Adam’

Balachandra Rajan, ‘Ludlow Re-Visited: Milton and Eco-Justice’

Afterword, by Paul Stevens


Phillip J. Donnelly Baylor University

Peter C. Herman San Diego State University

Elizabeth Hodgson University of British Columbia

John Leonard University of Western Ontario

Annabel Patterson Yale University

Elizabeth Sauer Brock University

Muhammad Sid-Ahmad University of Toronto

Paul Stevens University of Toronto

Nicholas von Maltzahn University of Ottawa

‘This excellent collection illuminates the role of Milton studies in establishing in Canada an intellectual and cultural foundation upon which further achievements of many kinds could be built, and, by looking back, points ahead.’

Kenneth J. E. Graham, Modern Philology vol 112:01:2014

‘Feisal Mohamed & Mary Nyquist have assembled a remarkable collection of eighteen essays and an afterword from Canadian Miltonists past and present a juxtaposition that raises vital questions about critical historiography.’

Thomas Fulton, Renaissance Quarterly vol 68:01:2015

Irene Samuel Award awarded by the Milton Society of America (United States) - Winner in 2014