Multicultural Cities: Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles

Multicultural Cities: Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles

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By Mohammad Abdul Qadeer
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2016
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Published Mar 2016
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What defines a multicultural city? Policy? Geography? Demography? In Multicultural Cities, Mohammad Abdul Qadeer offers a tour of three of North America’s premier multicultural metropolises – Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles – that demonstrates the critical qualities that make these cities multicultural.

Guided by the perspective that multiculturalism is the combination of cultural diversity with a common ground of values and institutions, Qadeer examines the social geography, economy, and everyday life of each metropolitan area. His analysis spans the divide between Canada, where multiculturalism is official government policy, and the United States, where it is not. A comprehensive investigation of how some of today’s leading majority-minority cities thrive, written by a keen observer of North American urban life, Multicultural Cities is an important complement to any discussion about how cities can and should accommodate diversity.

Mohammad Abdul Qadeer is a professor emeritus in the Department of Geography and Planning at Queen’s University.


Chapter 1: Cultures and the City

Chapter 2: Multiculturalism: Diversity Rights and Common Ground

Chapter 3: Making Multicultural Cities

Chapter 4: Social Geography of Multicultural Cities

Chapter 5: Ethnicity and Urban Economy

Chapter 6: Patterns of Community Life

Chapter 7: Experiences of Living in Multicultural Cities

Chapter 8: Political Incorporation and Diversity

Chapter 9: Pluralism of Urban Services

Chapter 10: Urban Planning for Cultural Diversity

Chapter 11: Imagining Multicultural Cities

Appendix 1. Theoretical Discourse on Multiculturalism

"Multicultural Cities weaves together rigorous scholarship and engaging narratives of multicultural integration and assimilation. This book should be required reading for urban planners worldwide, because the tensions and promises of the multicultural city are becoming apparent not only in the Global North but also in the emerging economies of the Global South."

Tridib Banerjee, James Irvine Chair in Urban and Regional Planning, Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California

"From the urban economy and geographic landscape to political incorporation and cultural patterns, Multicultural Cities offers insights into the ways urban institutions and structures are evolving and cultural differences are negotiated in three ethnically and racially diverse North American immigrant gateway cities: Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto."

Nancy Foner, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Hunter College, and the Graduate Center, City University of New York

"Multicultural Cities is superbly written with clear and accessible language as well as well-constructed arguments. This work will prove engaging for students, policy makers, and the public at large who want to understand what multiculturalism is."

Lucia Lo, Professor Department of Geography, York University

‘Qadeer brings to bear an in-depth knowledge about multicultural cities, their urban institutions and structures and insights into ways these institutions and structures are evolving and cultural differences negotiated.’

Carlos Teixeira, Journal of Urban Affairs January 2017