Narratology: Introduction to the Theory of Narrative

Narratology: Introduction to the Theory of Narrative

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Mieke Bal
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2009
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256 Pages
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Published May 2009
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Since its first publication in English in 1985, Mieke Bal's Narratology has become the international classic and comprehensive introduction to the theory of narrative texts. Narratology is a systematic account of narrative techniques, methods, their transmission, and reception, in which Bal distills years of study of the ways in which we understand both literary and non-literary works.

In this third edition, Bal updates the book to include more analysis of film narratives while also sharpening and tightening her language to make it the most readable and student-friendly edition to date. Bal also introduces new sections that treat and clarify several modernist texts that pose narratological challenges. With changes prompted by ten years of feedback from scholars and teachers, Narratology remains the most important contribution to the study of the way narratives work, are formed, and are received.

Mieke Bal is an award-wining cultural theorist, critic, video artist, curator and Professor Emeritus in Literary Theory at the University of Amsterdam.
'The book is an excellent introduction to narratology. It is clearly and concisely written, and it explains the categories of narratology in a straightforward fashion.'

Lawrence R. Schehr, SubStance

'The clarity of the exposition and the open, unobtrusive acknowledgment of sources in the text will encourage students to read important related works of theory with the benefit of an already established and solidly constructed frame of reference.'

Joan Dargan, Nineteenth-Century French Studies

'Narratology, Second Edition, is a rich, highly instructive and eminently readable text which preserves the achievements of the first edition while adding many new valuable dimensions and perspectives.'

Uri Margolin, Canadian Review of Comparative Literature