New Institutionalism: Theory and Analysis

New Institutionalism: Theory and Analysis

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Edited by André Lecours
Studies in Comparative Political Economy and Public Policy
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2005
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380 Pages
ISBN 9780802048813
Published Jun 2005
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New Institutionalism is currently one of the most prominent approaches in political science. In this innovative collection, top scholars in the field offer substantial theoretical and analytical contributions to new institutionalist scholarship, engaging in debates about structure and agency, state-society relations, institutional creation and change, preference formation, and the complicated web of relationships between institutions, culture, ideas, identity, rationality, and interests.

From an analytical point of view, the contributors examine how the state and political institutions shape a variety of political phenomena and outcomes, namely, nationalism, democratic transition, party aggregation, policy networks, war and peace, international recognition, sovereignty, and selected public policies. They offer thorough theoretical reflections on the relationship between institutions and society as well as on the role of institutions in political analysis.

Featuring discussions of comparative politics, public policy, and international relations, as well as the institutionalist traditions of English and French Canadian political science, this collection from editor André Lecours is a comprehensive examination of the subject, making it a crucial addition to any political scientist's library.

André Lecours is Professor in the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa.

1 New Institutionalism: Issues and Questions André Lecours

Theoretical Reflections on New Institutionalism
2 Ideas, Interests, and Institutions: Historical Institutionalism Revisited Daniel Béland
3 Theorizing Institutional Change Siobhan Harty
4 Institutions and Political Rationality Hudson Meadwell


Institutionalist Theory in Canadian Politics
5 Institutionalism in the Study of Canadian Politics: The English-Canadian Tradition Miriam Smith
6 New Institutionalism and Political Science in Quebec Linda Cardinal

New Institutionalism in Comparative Politics
7 New Institutionalism and the Crisis of Transitology Mamoudou Gazibo
8 Structuring Nationalism André Lecours
9 Institutional Change and Its Consequences: The Rational Foundations of Party System Change in India Csaba Nikolenyi

New Institutionalism and Public Policy Analysis
10 Westminster Parliamentarism, Policy Networks, and the Behaviour of Political Actors Eric Montpetit
11 Social Learning, Third Way Politics, and Welfare State Redesign Denis Saint-Martin and Alexandra Dobrowolsky
12 National Institutional Veto Points and Continental Policy Change: Failing to Amend the U.S.-Canada Migratory Birds Convention Luc Juillet

Institutionalist Analysis in International Relations
13 Moving beyond (or beneath) the Democratic Peace Theory: Intermediate-Level Institutions and Foreign Security Policy Norrin M. Ripsman
14 Canada and the Global Diffusion of 'One China'Der-Yuan Maxwell Wu
15 Constructing the State: Sovereignty in Comparative and International Perspectives -The View from East Asia Jeremy Paltiel