Northern Communities Working Together: The Social Economy of Canada's North

Northern Communities Working Together: The Social Economy of Canada's North

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Edited by Chris Southcott
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Published Apr 2015
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The unique historical, economic, and social features of the Canadian North pose special challenges for the social economy – a sector that includes nonprofits, co-operatives, social enterprises, and community economic development organizations. Northern Communities Working Together highlights the innovative ways in which Northerners are using the social economy to meet their economic, social, and cultural challenges while increasing local control and capabilities. The contributors focus on the special challenges of the North and their impact on the scope of the social economy, including analyses of land claim organizations, hunter support programs, and Indigenous conceptions of the social economy.

A welcome resource for scholars and policy-makers studying any aspect of the Canadian North, Northern Communities Working Together is a major contribution to the literature on the social economy in Canada.

Chris Southcott is a professor in the Department of Sociology at Lakehead University. He was the chair and research director of the Social Economy Research Network for Northern Canada from 2006 to 2012.

1. Northern Communities Working Together: The Social Economy of Canada’s North (Chris Southcott)

2. A Portrait of the Social Economy in Northern Canada (Chris Southcott and Valoree Walker)

3. The Social Economy and Resource Development in Northern Canada (Brenda Parlee)

4. State Institutions and the Social Economy in Northern Canada (Frances Abele)

5. Land Claim Organizations and the Social Economy in Nunavut and Nunavik (Thierry Rodon)

6. Understanding the Contributions of Volunteering to the Social Economy in Whitehorse, Yukon through the Views of Outdoor Recreation Volunteers (Carrie McClelland and Margaret Johnston)

7. Beyond Their Most Obvious Face: The Reach of Co-operatives in the Canadian North (Ian MacPherson)

8. Cooperatives and the Social Economy of the Yukon (Doug Lionais and Kim Hardy)

9. Hunter Support Programs and the Northern Social Economy (David Natcher, Damian Castro, and Lawrence Felt)

10. Historical Perspectives on Mining and the Aboriginal Social Economy (Jean-Sébastien Boutet, Arn Keeling, and John Sandlos)

11. Conservation cum Social and Economic Development: The Emergence of an Eco-Social Economy in the Canadian North (Nathan Bennett and Harvey Lemelin)

12. Gúlú Agot’i T’á Kə Gotsúhɂa Gha – Learning About Changes: Rethinking Indigenous Social Economy in Déliįnę, NWT (Deborah Simmons, Walter Bayha, Ingeborg Fink, Sarah Gordon, Keren Rice, and Doris Taneton)

13. Observations on the Social Economy in Northern Canada (Chris Southcott)

“This collection makes an excellent contribution to the study of both the social economy and northern and Indigenous communities. The contrast and synthesis of recent interpretations of the social economy with traditional Indigenous culture makes a particularly rich theoretical contribution.”

Sean Markey, School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University

Northern Communities Working Together will be of value to academics, policymakers, and practitioners, as well as courses looking at the social economy or northern politics.”

Gabrielle Slowey, Department of Political Science, York University

Northern Communities is not an exposé; it’s an honest account of community life in a region governed by faraway federal regulators and mining corporations. Accounts are candid. The effect is unsettling. “

Holly Doan, Blacklocks Reporter, December 19, 2015