Our Place in the Sun: Canada and Cuba in the Castro Era

Our Place in the Sun: Canada and Cuba in the Castro Era

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Edited by Robert Wright and Lana Wylie
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2009
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Published Jul 2009
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Penned during the transition of power from Fidel Castro to Raúl Castro, Our Place in the Sun explores the Canadian-Cuban relationship from 1959 to the present day. The essays in this volume reflect upon the past but also explore the internal issues and external forces that will continue to influence the Canada-Cuba association in the years to come.

Many of this volume's contributors draw upon newly declassified sources and original interviews, providing unique insight into the historical, economic, and political realities affecting the Canada-Cuba connection. Featuring twelve original essays by a variety of scholars as well as a short memoir by former Canadian Ambassador to Cuba, Mark Entwistle, this important interdisciplinary collection calls into question past understandings of the Canadian-Cuban relationship. It is a must-read for anyone interested in Canadian and Cuban history of the last half-century, and the dynamics of North American politics more broadly.

Robert Wright is an associate professor in the Department of History at Trent University.

Lana Wylie is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at McMaster University.

Introduction: Worlds Apart Robert Wright and Lana Wylie

Cuba as Both Stimulus to, and Break on, the Construction of a Closer Canadian Relationship with Latin America Hal Klepak

Inside Castro's Cuba: The Revolution and Canada's Embassy in Havana Don Munton and David Vogt

"Calculated Diplomacy": John Diefenbaker and the Origins of Canada's Cuba Policy Dennis Molinaro

Between Nation and Empire: The Fair Play for Cuba Committees and the Making of Canada-Cuba Solidarity in the 1960s Cynthia Wright

Cuba's Long Shadow: The Progressive Church Movement and Canadian-Latin American Relations, 1970-1987 David Sheinin

Viva el pueblo cubano: Pierre Trudeau's Distant Cuba, 1968-78 Greg Donaghy and Mary Halloran

Canadian-Cuban Relations: Muddling Through the 'Special Period' John Kirk and Peter McKenna

Northern Ice: Jean Chretien and the Failure of Constructive Engagement in Cuba Robert Wright

Disturbing Perceptions: Canadian Views of the Cuban Medical System and Biomedical Research Lana Wylie

Canadian-Cuban Economic Relations: Past, Present and Prospective Archibald Ritter

Conclusion: Canada-Cuba Relations: A Multiple-Personality Foreign Policy Mark Entwistle