Playing a Part in History: The York Mysteries, 1951 - 2006

Playing a Part in History: The York Mysteries, 1951 - 2006

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Margaret Rogerson
Studies in Early English Drama
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Published Apr 2009
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The York Mystery Plays are a cycle of originally performed on wagons in the city. They date from the fourteenth century and Biblical narrative from Creation to Last Judgment. After nearly four hundred years without a performance, a revival of the York Mysteries began in 1951 when local amateurs led by professional theatre practitioners staged them during the festival of Britain. Playing a Part in History examines the ways in which the revival of these plays transformed them for twentieth- and twenty-first-century audiences.

Considering such topics as the contemporary popularity of the plays, the agendas of the revivalists, and major production differences, Margaret Rogerson provides a fascinating comparison of medieval and modern English drama. Drawing extensively on archival material, and newspaper and academic reviews of the plays in recent years, Playing a Part in History is not only an illuminating account of early English drama, but also of the ways in which theatre allows people to interact with the past.

Margaret Rogerson is a senior lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Sydney.

‘Rogerson’s new study is of great interest… It is a very human story with a serious academic purpose… The author can be congratulated on a work which is far more than a narrative of a city’s collective efforts at a dramatic revival.’

D.M. Palliser, Northern History: vol67:02:10

George Freedley Memorial Award awarded by Theatre Library Association (United States) - Short-listed in 2010