Policy Work in Canada: Professional Practices and Analytical Capacities

Policy Work in Canada: Professional Practices and Analytical Capacities

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Edited by Michael Howlett, Adam Wellstead, and Jonathan Craft
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Published Jan 2017
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Policy Work in Canada is an in-depth study into the levels of analytical capacity found within the federal and provincial governments as well as the non-governmental sector. By focusing on the individuals who craft public policy in Canada, this collection of eighteen chapters broadens and deepens our understanding of policy development in Canada.

The contributors to this volume empirically examine such topics as: the inherent characteristics of sophisticated policy analysis, the constraints that influence the outcome or style of analysis, the influence of policy analysis on democratic debate and lessons that can be learned from different jurisdictions within and outside of Canada. Policy Work in Canada provides a pathway for academics and public mangers alike to meet the challenges involved in crafting more nuanced and sophisticated public policy head-on.

Michael Howlett is Burnaby Mountain Chair in the Department of Political Science at Simon Fraser University and Yong Pung How Chair Professor in the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore.

Adam Wellstead is an associate professor of Environmental and Energy Policy at Michigan Technological University

Jonathan Craft is a cross-appointed assistant professor in the Department of Political Science, and School of Public Policy and Governance, at the University of Toronto.

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Part 1 – Introduction

Chapter 1. - The Nature of Professional Policy Work in Canada: An Introduction and Overview – Howlett, Wellstead, & Craft

Chapter 2. - Policy Analysts in the Bureaucracy Revisited: The Nature of Professional Policy Work in Contemporary Government. – Michael Howlett and Adam Wellstead

Part 2 –Policy Work in Canadian Government

Chapter 3. - Policy Capacity and Incapacity in Canada’s Federal Government - Wellstead, Adam, Stedman, R and Lindquist, E.

Chapter 4. - Policy Analysis and Policy work at the Provincial and Territorial Level: Demographics and Description – Michael Howlett and Joshua Newman

Chapter 5. - The Policy Analytical Capacity of the Government of Quebec: Results from a Survey of Officials - Luc Bernier and Michael Howlett

Chapter 6. - Differences in Federal and Provincial Policy Analysis – Michael Howlett and Adam Wellstead

Chapter 7. - Intergovernmental Policy Capacities and Practices in Canada - Patricia L. O'Reilly, Gregory J. Inwood, and Carolyn M. Johns

Chapter 8. - Public Managers and Policy Analytical Capacity in Canada - Howlett, Michael

Chapter 9. - Policy Work and the Political Arm of Government: The Role of Ministerial Staffers – Jonathan Craft

Part 3 –Policy Work Outside Government

Chapter 10. - The Role of Policy Consultants: "Consultocracy" or Business as Usual - Michael Howlett and Andrea Migone

Chapter 11. - Inside the black box of academic researchers/policy analysts’ interactions - Ouimet, M., Bedard. P-O, Leon G

Chapter 12. - Government Science and Policy Advice: Evidence-based policy making at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and its implications for the practice of policy analysis - Nicole Klenk

Chapter 13. - Mandates, Political Parties and Policy Capacity - Flynn, Greg.

Chapter 14. - Policy Dialogue and Engagement Between Non-Government Organizations and Government: A Survey of Processes and Instruments of Canadian Policy Workers - Bryan Evans and Adam Wellstead

Part 3 – Improving Canadian Policy Work

Chapter 15. - Targeted Supply-Side Policy Capacity Dynamics: High Calibre Policy Worker Recruitment in Canada – Jonathan Craft and Siobhan Harty

Chapter 16. - (Re)Scaling policy capacity between government and the voluntary sector in Canada - Karine Levasseur

Chapter 17. - Towards Policy Analysis 2.0: Platforms for Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Amongst Policy Analysts – Justin Longo

Part 4 – Conclusion

Chapter 18. - Policy Work System Dynamics: Implications for Practice, Pedagogy and Scholarship - Adam Wellstead, Jonathan Craft & Michael Howlett


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"The contributors to this volume really help unpack the complexity of policy work and illustrate the variety of actors who contribute to policy analysis. The editors have brought together a wealth of empirical data for those interested in the many facets of policy work."

Rachel Laforest, School of Policy Studies, Queen’s University