Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art

Postscript: Writing After Conceptual Art

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Edited by Andrea Andersson

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One of the most important movements in twenty-first century literature is the emergence of conceptual writing. By knowingly drawing on the histories of art and literature, conceptual writing upended traditional categorical conventions.

Postscript is the first collection of writings on the subject of conceptual writing by a diverse field of scholars in the realms of art, literature, media, as well as the artists themselves. Using new and old technology, and textual and visual modes including appropriation, transcription, translation, redaction, and repetition, the contributors actively challenge the existing scholarship on conceptual art. Rather than segregating the work of visual artists from that of writers we are shown the ways in which conceptual art is, and remains, a mutually supportive interaction between the arts.

Andrea Andersson is The Helis Foundation Chief Curator of the Visual Arts at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans.


Nora Burnett Abrams

  1. "I, too, wondered…": An Introduction to Writing After Conceptual Art"
        Andrea Andersson
  2. "The Conceptualist Turn: Wittgenstein and the New Writing"
        Marjorie Perloff
  3. "Fate of Echo"
        Craig Dworkin
  4. "Was Ist Los"
        Seth Price
  5. "Echo"
        Vanessa Place
  6. "Sharon Hayes and Most People"
        Rachel Haidu
  7. "What Do We Mean By Performance Writing?"
        Caroline Bergvall
  8. "Rescuing the Past: Repetition and Reenactment in Jeremy Deller, Andrea Geyer, and Sharon Hayes"
        Patrick Greaney
  9. From "Notes on Conceptualism"
        Robert Fitterman and Vanessa Place
  10. "The Melancholy of Conceptualism"
        Michael Golston
  11. "Untimely Models"
        Lytle Shaw
  12. "Indifferent Voices"
        Paul Elliman
  13. "A Week of Blogs for the Poetry Foundation"
        Kenneth Goldsmith
  14. "Give Them What They Want: Populist Rhetoric in Conceptual Art and Writing"
        Brian Reed
  15. To Teach and Delight – A Few Precedents for an Art of Instruction"
        Cathleen Chaffee
  16. "Semantic Analysis: The Art of Parsing Found Text"
        Sarah Cook
  17. "Conceptual Computing and Digital Writing"
        Nick Monfort
  18. "Poetry Without Poets"
        Darren Wershler
  19. Documents from "True Mirror"
        David Reinfurt and Stuart Bailey
  20. "From Distribution to Dispersion: Conceptual Writing in the Age of the Internet
    Gwen Allen
  21. "Little Bastard"
        Ryan Gander with Alice Fisher and Stuart Bailey
  22. "What Was Conceptual Writing?"
        Nick Thurston
  23. "The Bioinformatic Sublime: The Life of Data and the Data of Life in Conceptual Writing"
        Paul Stephens
  24. "Two Dots Over a Vowel"
        Christian Bök
  25. "Like In Valencia: On Translating Equivalence"
        Mónica de la Torre
  26. "Russian Lessons for Conceptual Writing"
        Jacob Edmond
  27. "Reading as Art"
        Simon Morris with Thomas Campbell
  28. "Ambivalence of the Grid"
        Liz Kotz
  29. "The Concrete, The Conceptual, and the Galáxias"
        Antonio Sergio Bessa
  30. "N.B."
        Seth Kim-Cohen
  31. "PLAGIARISM: A response to Thomas Fink"
        Tan Lin