Relations of Global Power: Neoliberal Order and Disorder

Relations of Global Power: Neoliberal Order and Disorder

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Edited by Gary Teeple and Stephen McBride
University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division © 2010
World Rights
256 Pages
ISBN 9781442603653
Published Oct 2010
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This collection of original articles offers an up-to-date, critical review of the global political economy today, covering such topics as international finance, corporate governance, military power, international labour standards, global health, human rights, and more. Assembling a group of top scholars, the editors are able to provide a wide-ranging yet coherent survey of contemporary international institutions and how they are governed. In the process, they offer a useful basis for understanding the financial crisis of 2008.

Relations of Global Power is the only book available that examines the many different dimensions of the international regulatory structure across a range of issues, placing them all within the context of neoliberal globalization. It will be of interest to scholars of political science, sociology, policy studies, public administration, and global studies, and will also appeal to activists and members of alter-globalization movements.

Gary Teeple is a professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Simon Fraser University.
Stephen McBride is a professor and Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Globalization in the Department of Political Science at McMaster University.

Introduction (Gary Teeple and Stephen McBride)

1. Financialization and Neo-Liberalism (David M. Kotz)

2. The New Constitutionalism: International and Private Rule in the New Global Order (Stephen McBride)

3. The Privatization of Authority in the Global Political Economy (Claire Cutler)

4. Corporate Governance: Does State Regulation Matter? (Kavaljit Singh)

5. Globalizing the Labour Process (Bob Russell)

6. Regulating Labour Standards in the Global Economy (Mark Thomas)

7. Global Health: A Political Economy of Historical Trends and Contemporary Inequalities (David Coburn)

8. Castles in the Air: "Universal" Human Rights in the Global Political Economy (Tony Evans)

9. Military Power, Hegemonic Power: A Neglected Issue of International Political Economy (James Cypher)

10. Resisting Neo-Liberal Capitalism: Insights From Political Economy (Elaine Coburn)

Afterword: Global Crisis and Political Economy (Gary Teeple)

With contributions from social scientists of international stature, this volume provides a comprehensive analysis of contemporary neoliberalism—its institutional arrangements, socio-political contradictions, and economic crisis. An important contribution to global political economy.

William Carroll, University of Victoria