Religion and Ethnicity in Canada

Religion and Ethnicity in Canada

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Edited by Paul Bramadat and David Seljak
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2009
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264 Pages
ISBN 9781442610187
Published Oct 2009
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As the leading book in its field, Religion and Ethnicity in Canada has been embraced by scholars, teachers, students, and policy makers as a breakthrough study of Canadian religio-ethnic diversity and its impact on multiculturalism. A team of established scholars looks at the relationships between religious and ethnic identity in Canada's six largest minority religious communities: Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews, Muslims and practitioners of Chinese religion. The chapters also highlight the ethnic diversity extant within these traditions in order to offer a more nuanced appreciation of the variety of lived experiences of members of these communities.

Together, the contributors develop consistent themes throughout the volume, among them the changing nature of religious practice and ideas, current demographics, racism, and the role of women. Chapters related to the public policy issues of healthcare, education and multiculturalism show how new ethnic and religious diversity are challenging and changing Canadian institutions and society. Comprehensive and insightful, Religion and Ethnicity in Canada makes a unique contribution to the study of world religions in Canada.

Paul Bramadat is a professor and director of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society at the University of Victoria. His previous works include Religious Radicalization in Canada and Beyond and Christianity and Ethnicity in Canada both published by University of Toronto Press.

David Seljak is an associate professor at St. Jerome's University and Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Waterloo.



Preface vii
About the Editors x
Contributors x

Chapter One: Beyond Christian Canada: Religion and Ethnicity
in a Multicultural Society 1
Paul Bramadat
Chapter Two:Hindus in Canada: Negotiating Identity in a "Different"
Homeland 30
Sikata Banerjee and Harold Coward
Chapter Three:Sikhs in Canada: Identity and Commitment 52
Cynthia Keppley Mahmood
Chapter Four:Buddhists in Canada: Impermanence in a Land
of Change 69
Mathieu Boisvert
Chapter Five:The Chinese in Canada: Their Unrecognized Religion 89
David Chuenyan Lai, Jordan Paper, and Li Chuang Paper
Chapter Six:Jews in Canada: A Travelling Cantor on the Prairie,
and Other Pictures of Canadian Jewish Life 111
Norman Ravvin
Chapter Seven:Muslims in Canada: From Ethnic Groups to Religious
Community 133
Sheila McDonough and Homa Hoodfar
Chapter Eight:Religion and Public Policy: Immigration,
Citizenship, and Multiculturalism—Guess Who's
Coming to Dinner? 154
John Biles and Humera Ibrahim
Chapter Nine:Education, Multiculturalism, and Religion 178
David Seljak
Chapter Ten:Health Care, Religion, and Ethnic Diversity
in Canada 201
Peter H. Stephenson
Chapter Eleven:Toward a New Story about Religion and Ethnicity
in Canada 222
Paul Bramadat and David Seljak
Appendix:Demographics of Religious Identification
in Canada 235
Compiled by Peter Beyer

Index 241