Schooling in Transition: Readings in Canadian History of Education

Schooling in Transition: Readings in Canadian History of Education

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Edited by Sara Z. Burke and Patrice Milewski
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2012
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440 Pages
ISBN 9780802095770
Published Nov 2012
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Published Nov 2012
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Schooling in Transition offers students a broad survey of key themes in the history of education, bringing together ground-breaking research on developments from across Canada with the best work published in the field. Looking back over two centuries of education history in Canada, this textbook highlights the degree to which key issues – such as local versus central control of the public education system, and the accommodation of minority needs – continue to shape the experience of children within our schools.

Schooling in Transition is ideally structured to accommodate a one-semester university-level course: each chapter contains a short thematic introduction, two articles addressing the common theme, and suggestions for further readings. A general introduction by the editors outlines the main issues in the historiography of education in Canada, while historical illustrations included throughout serve to stimulate readers' interest and promote debate.

Sara Z. Burke is an associate professor in the Department of History at Laurentian University.

Patrice Milewski is an associate professor in the School of Education at Laurentian University.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Schooling in Transition: Writing the History of Canadian Education

Chapter 1: Colonial Schooling
Chapter 2: Education Reform: Concern or Control?
Chapter 3: Local Resistance to Central Policy
Chapter 4: Compulsory Schooling and the Family Economy
Chapter 5: Expanding Opportunities for Women
Chapter 6: Teachers' Work
Chapter 7: Patterns of Exclusion
Chapter 8: Indigenous Education
Chapter 9: French-Language Schooling Outside Quebec
Chapter 10: The Challenges of "Progressive" Education
Chapter 11: Post-War Conformity
Chapter 12: Back to the Basics? Schooling in the 1990s

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‘The editors have selected judiciously from an extensive body of literature. These essays not only address major themes in the history of education but also relate to important issues in the wider fields of social, economic, and political history.’

Patrick A. Dunae, BC Studies issue 186 summer 2015

‘Burke and Milewski have accomplished their goal of preparing a collection of “stimulating discussions, debate, and further research”.’

Jason Ellis, Canadian Historical Review, vol 95:01:2014