Schooling the Next Generation: Creating Success in Urban Elementary Schools

Schooling the Next Generation: Creating Success in Urban Elementary Schools

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By Dan Zuberi
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2015
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280 Pages
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Published Jun 2015
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Public schools are among the most important institutions in North American communities, especially in disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods. At their best, they enable students to overcome challenges like poverty by providing vital literacy and numeracy skills. At their worst, they condemn students to failure, both economically and in terms of preparing them to be active participants in a democratic society.

In Schooling the Next Generation, Dan Zuberi documents the challenges facing ten East Vancouver elementary schools in diverse lower-income communities, as well as the ways their principals, teachers, and parents are overcoming these challenges. Going beyond the façade of standardized test scores, Zuberi identifies the kinds of school and community programs that are making a difference and could be replicated in other schools. At the same time, he calls into question the assumptions behind a test score-driven search for “successful schools.” Focusing on early literacy and numeracy skills mastery, Schooling the Next Generation presents a slate of policy recommendations to help students in urban elementary schools achieve their full potential.

Dan Zuberi is an associate professor and RBC Chair in the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work and the School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto.

1. Introduction: Urban Education in a Globalizing World

2. Diversity in the Classroom: Opportunities and Challenges

3. Coping with Challenging Students

4. Engaging Parents and the Community

5. Addressing Needs and Supporting Resiliency: Programs that Matter

6. Standardized Testing: Here to Stay?

7. Conclusion: Improving Early Literacy and Numeracy Skills Acquisition in Urban Public Elementary Schools in Low-Income Neighbourhoods

Methodology Appendix. Sitting in the Classroom: Determining School Success

Schooling the Next Generation is a well-conceptualized, meticulous case study of the performance of students in ten schools in low socioeconomic status communities in Vancouver. At a time when schools tended to be scapegoats for society’s social and economic problems, Dan Zuberi’s book brings a calm, well-modulated voice into the debate.”

Cecille DePass, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary

Schooling the Next Generation is unique for its focus on ten elementary schools…. This book provides a much-needed exploration of the early school disparities.’

Gilda L. Ochoa, Contemporary Sociology vol 45:06:2016