Social Conservatives and Party Politics in Canada and the United States

Social Conservatives and Party Politics in Canada and the United States

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By James Farney
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168 Pages
ISBN 9781442612600
Published Jun 2012
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The strength of the Tea Party and Religious Right in the United States, alongside the Harper Conservatives’ stance on same-sex marriage and religious freedom in Canada, has many asking whether social conservatism has come to define the right wing of North American politics.

In this timely and penetrating book, James Farney provides the first full-length comparison of social conservatism in Canada and the United States from the sexual revolution to the present day. Based on archival research and extensive interviews, it traces the historic relationship between social conservatives and other right-wing groups. Farney illuminates why the American Republican Party was quicker to accept social conservatives as legitimate and valuable allies than the Conservative Party of Canada.

This book will be indispensable for understanding why a movement so powerful amongst American conservatives has been distinctively less important in Canada and how the character of Canadian conservatism means it will likely remain so.

James Farney is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Regina. He is the author of Social Conservatives and Party Politics in Canada and the United States.


1. Conservative Ideology and Social Change

2. American Conservatism before Ronald Reagan

3. Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Social Conservatism

4. Social Conservatism and the Republican Party from 1992 to the Present

5. The Progressive Conservatives and the Expanding Boundary of Politics

6. The Reform Party of Canada and Social Conservatives

7. Social Conservatives and the Unified Canadian Right




‘This book offers a clearly written, informative, and valuable historical account of the social conservative movement in Canada and the United States over the last forty years. It is sure to be well received by both academics and the broader public thanks to its neutral tone and perspective – so often lacking in discussions of social conservatives and politics – and will make a real and lasting contribution on a subject where there has been a clear need.’

Paul Saurette, Department of Political Studies, University of Ottawa