Something's Got to Give: Balancing Work, Childcare and Eldercare

Something's Got to Give: Balancing Work, Childcare and Eldercare

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By Linda Duxbury and Christopher Higgins
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336 Pages
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Published Apr 2017
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A perfect storm of factors are brewing that will redefine dependent care in the coming decades. Delayed marriage and parenthood, longer life-spans, lower birthrates, and the health policy shift to informal caregiving have drastically increased the number of employees whose mental and physical health suffers due to an inability to balance work, childcare, and eldercare. Employers also feel the pinch as this inability to balance a myriad of demands is negatively impacting their bottom line.

Something’s Got to Give is a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced by employees and employers as they try to respond to this dramatic demographic change. Linda Duxbury and Christopher Higgins utilize an original and rich data set–gathered from 25,000 Canadians who are employed full time in public, private, and not-for-profit organizations--to demonstrate the urgent need for workplace and policy reforms and support for employed caregivers. The authors’ timely work provides practical advice to managers and policy-makers about how to mitigate the effects of employee work-life conflict, retain talent, and improve employee engagement and productivity. Business and labour leaders as well as employees who truly care about their careers and industries can’t afford to ignore the solutions that Something’s Got to Give thoughtfully provides.

Linda Duxbury is a professor in the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. She has been recognized as one of Deloitte’s Women of Influence (2009) and has spent the past two decades completing major studies on balancing work and family life in the public, private and not-for-profit spheres.

Christopher Higgins is a professor emeritus of the Ivey School of Business at Western University and has worked in partnership with Linda Duxbury on these issues over the past several decades.



Chapter One: The Perfect Storm: Caregiving in Canada and Other Western Economies

Chapter Two: Profiling Canadian Caregivers: Who are they? What do they do? Why do they do it?

Chapter Three: Too Much To Do in Too Little Time: Balancing Caregiving, Employment and Childcare

Chapter Four: And so? Impact of Caregiving on Employees Who Provide Care

Chapter Five: And so? Impact of Caregiving on the Organizational "Bottom Line"

Chapter Six: Surviving (Even Thriving On) the "Rollercoaster Ride From Hell": Coping with Caregiver Strain

Chapter Seven: I'll Get By With a Little Help From My Friends: Coping with Caregiver Strain

Chapter Eight: A Call to Action

"Something’s Got to Give is a must-read for policy makers, health and social service providers, and employers across Canada. Its thoughtful weaving of personal stories backed by detailed survey analysis makes a compelling case for urgent action to address the needs of the 8 million and growing caregivers in Canada, especially with the leading edge of the baby boom about to turn 75 in 2021. The case for a national seniors strategy has not been more forcefully made than it has been by the authors."

Dr Granger Avery, President, Canadian Medical Association

"Linda Duxbury and Christopher Higgins have written an accessible and excellent work of scholarship. Something’s Got to Give is an original, very timely, and very important contribution to the study of eldercare and its effect on the workplace."

Marian Baird, Professor and Chair of the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies, University of Sydney Business School

"Something’s Got to Give is a timely work on how to deal with the growing concern of balancing eldercare and the workplace. Linda Duxbury and Christopher Higgins make excellent use of up-to-date research to provide practical applications that work well and successfully reinforce their ideas."

Lori Wadsworth, Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University

"Linda Duxbury and Christopher Higgins have compiled an invaluable, comprehensive, and data-rich compendium on the subject of caregiving in Canada and its impact on employed caregivers, their employers, and society. They clearly articulate the factors that are creating ‘the perfect storm’ exacerbated by the increasing burden of eldercare and the significant financial, economic, social, and psychological consequences. Their thoughtful research and analysis compels a ‘call to action’ and win-win recommendations that address what employers and governments can do to support the caregiving workforce. It is a critical and imperative resource for anyone – policy makers, employers, researchers, and families – who is dealing with the issue of balancing work and caregiving."

Debbie Fischer, Executive in Residence at the Centre for Health Care Strategy, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

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