Staying Human during Residency Training: How to Survive and Thrive After Medical School, Sixth Edition

Staying Human during Residency Training: How to Survive and Thrive After Medical School, Sixth Edition

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By Allan D. Peterkin
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2016
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296 Pages
ISBN 9781442629141
Published May 2016
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The ultimate survival guide for medical students, interns, residents, and fellows, Staying Human during Residency Training provides time-tested advice and the latest information on every aspect of a resident’s life – from choosing a residency program, to coping with stress, enhancing self-care, and protecting personal and professional relationships.

Allan D. Peterkin, MD, provides hundreds of tips on how to cope with sleep deprivation, time pressures, and ethical and legal issues. This sixth edition is not only updated to reflect the latest research and resources, but also features new material on the latest issues in residency training, including social media use, patient-centred care, the medical humanities, and the “hidden curriculum” of residency. Presenting practical antidotes to cynicism, careerism, and burnout, Peterkin also offers guidance on fostering more empathic connection with patients and deepening relationships with colleagues, friends, and family.

Acknowledged by thousands of doctors across North America as an invaluable resource, Staying Human during Residency Training has helped to shape notions of trainee well-being for medical educators worldwide. Offering wise, compassionate, and professional counsel, this new edition again shows why it is required reading for medical students and new physicians pursuing postgraduate training.

Allan D. Peterkin is Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine at the University of Toronto where he heads the Program in Health, Arts and Humanities. He is the author of 14 books for adults and children including Staying Human During Residency Training (University of Toronto Press) now in its sixth edition

1. Body and Soul: The Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities of Residency Training

2. Preventive Medicine: Choosing a Humane Residency

3. Physician Heal Thyself: Taking Care of Your Body

4. Staying Whole: Maximizing Supports and Finding Balance

5. Protecting and Improving Personal Relationships

6. Keeping Professional Relationships Healthy

7. One Size Does Not Fit All: Unique Concerns  

8. Whiz Kids: Teaching, Learning, Doing Research and Leading with No Time

9. Not Just a Job: Professionalism, Ethics Issues, and Legal Considerations

10. Taking Care of Business: Managing Your Finances

11. I’m Finally Done: Now What? Thoughts on the End of Residency

12. Knowledge Is Power: Social Media Guidelines and Helpful Web Resources

"Chock-full of all kinds of information that is pertinent, if not essential, to residents, including innumerable survival tips and suggestions. Dr Peterkin offers a penetrating and far-ranging, yet humane, perspective and has not lost sight of the "person within", in contrast to attitudes common in academic medical centres of today. This book will go a long way toward alleviating much of the worry and demoralization among contemporary residents, as well as their partners or spouses. A copy should be stuffed into the pocket of every resident physician."

Michael Myers, MD, author of 'Doctors' Marriages: A Look at Problems and Their Solutions' and co-author, 'The Handbook of Physician Health (AMA)'

"This catalog of indispensable advice can help residents at all stages of training. Read it today, and pass it on!"

Wayne M. Sotile, PhD, author of 'Letting Go of What's Holding You Back!' and 'The Resilient Physician'

"An excellent resource for residents at any stage in their training."

The Canadian Association of Internes and Residents

"This guide should be required reading for each intern beginning residency and also for each and every residency program director in North America."

Aliye Runyan, Medical Education Team Chair, American Medical Student Association, and Sonia Lazreg, AMSA/Committee of Interns and Residents Health Justice Fellow

"Peterkin has created a wonderful reference for all of us."

Benjamin Lemelman, MD, New Physician

"Staying Human during Residency Training is an important reminder: that humane treatment – of oneself and fellow residents, as well as our patients – is what makes a good doctor, and that one cannot have empathy without good self-caretaking. That is a lesson we can all afford to review."

Sonya Rasminsky, CIR News