Studies in Hellenistic Architecture

Studies in Hellenistic Architecture

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By Frederick E. Winter and Janos Fedak
Phoenix Supplementary Volumes
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2005
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460 Pages
ISBN 9780802039149
Published May 2006
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Studies in Hellenistic Architecture is a detailed analysis of the development of the major building-types of the Hellenistic age – the mid-fourth century B.C. to the time of the Roman conquest of the Eastern Mediterranean. In this meticulous work, Frederick E. Winter reveals how the architects of the period went beyond anything achieved by their Classical Greek predecessors, and how these impressive skills prepared the way for many of Rome's later architectural achievements.

Geographically, the monuments included in this volume extend from Spain to Afghanistan and from Provence to North Africa. Winter discusses the architectural achievements of the various regional styles of the Eastern Mediterranean, and takes a detailed look at Hellenistic developments west of the Adriatic.

While the interrelationship of these regional developments is often unclear, especially in cases where there are no explicit criteria for dating, Winter makes excellent use of the advance in scholarship over the past fifty to sixty years, offering the first real attempt at a synthesis of this vast subject. Studies in Hellenistic Architecture is an invaluable resource, containing a wealth of illustrations of the various types of Hellenistic building and the most comprehensive scholarship to date on the topic.

Frederick E. Winter is a professor emeritus in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Toronto.

Janos Fedak is a professor in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Prince Edward Island.




  1. Temples and Sanctuaries
    1. From the Later Fifth Century to the Time of Alexander the Great
    2. From Alexander the Great to the Late Hellenistic Period
  2. Entranceways
  3. Stoas in Later Greek Architecture
    1. The Development of Stoas
    2. The Columnar Orders in Stoa Architecture
  4. Tombs and Commemorative Monuments by Janos Fedak
  5. Theatres and Stadia
    1. Theatres
    2. Stadia
  6. Gymnasia, Palaistrai, and Baths
  7. Covered Halls and Storehouses
    1. Covered Assembly Halls
    2. Arsenals and Storehouses
  8. Residential Architecture
  9. The Hellenistic Style in Italy and Sicily
  10. Architecture, Landscape, and Seascape: The Role of Setting and Vista in Hellenistic Design
  11. From Greek Structure to Roman Ornament: The Columnar Orders in Hellenistic Times


  1. Hellenistic Architects, Engineers, and Technical Writers
  2. The Creativity of the Hellenistic Age





‘Studies in Hellenistic Architecture demonstrates quite admirably the place of Hellenistic architecture within the development from Classical to Roman Imperial architecture. It is an impressive effort both in scope and learning, and a significant contribution to a somewhat neglected field. This is a very ambitious undertaking – one that has been long needed, especially in English – and with it Frederick E. Winter has reached a high standard. The book is well organized, covers a tremendous amount of material, is thorough, balanced, well written, and clear, and contains a wonderful collection of photos and plans.’

Gerald P. Schaus, Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University