Sustainable Banking: Managing the Social and Environmental Impact of Financial Institutions

Sustainable Banking: Managing the Social and Environmental Impact of Financial Institutions

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By Olaf Weber and Blair Feltmate
Rotman-UTP Publishing - Business and Sustainability
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256 Pages
ISBN 9781442612952
Published Jan 2016
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Sustainable Banking introduces business leaders and students to the many ways in which financial institutions can manage their environmental and social impact and meet the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of future generations. Olaf Weber and Blair Feltmate go beyond the business case for sustainability: how managing environmental, social, and governance risk can contribute to a bank’s bottom line – to make the sustainability case for banking: how banks and other financial institutions can make a positive impact on society.

In their book, Weber and Feltmate discuss the key aspects involved in making a financial institution sustainable: how to manage the direct and indirect impacts of banking activities on the community and the environment, how to minimize and mitigate the environmental footprint of internal operations, and how to account for various types of environmental and social risk in lending and project finance. They also introduce sustainable banking products and strategies being adopted by industry leaders, such as responsible investing, social finance, and impact lending.

Olaf Weber is an associate professor in the School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development at the University of Waterloo.

Blair Feltmate is head of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Sustainable Banking

Chapter 2: History of Sustainable Banking

Chapter 3: The Business Case for Sustainability

Chapter 4: The Direct and Indirect Impacts of Banking on Sustainable Development

Chapter 5: Internal Processes

Chapter 6: Sustainable Lending and Project Finance

Chapter 7: Responsible Investment

Chapter 8: Social Finance and Impact Investing

Chapter 9: The Sustainability Case for Banking

“Is finance and sustainable development an oxymoron?  Sustainable Banking by Weber and Feltmate is a must read for anyone interested in how those in the financial sector can become active participants and contributors to achieving sustainable development.  As providers of financial capital and risk management products, those in the financial sector are acutely aware of the risks of doing nothing.  Sustainable Banking offers anyone interested in finance and sustainability some much needed guidance.”

Irene Henriques, Professor of Sustainability and Economics, Schulich School of Business, York University

“This book is an amazing effort to promote sustainable finance and sustainability in banking. Weber and Feltmate present novel concepts and interesting examples in a book that is comprehensive and easy to read.”

Carlos Vargas, consultant and instructor, Harvard Extension School