The Canadian Regime: An Introduction to Parliamentary Government in Canada, Sixth Edition

The Canadian Regime: An Introduction to Parliamentary Government in Canada, Sixth Edition

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By Patrick Malcolmson, Richard Myers, Gerald Baier, and Thomas M.J. Bateman
University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division © 2016
320 Pages
ISBN 9781442635968
Published May 2016
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Published May 2016
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Published May 2016
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Now in its sixth edition, The Canadian Regime continues to provide the most accessible introduction to the institutions, processes, and principles of the Canadian political system. The book's focus on the inner logic of parliamentary government explains the rationale for Canada's relatively complex political system, which the authors encourage readers to think of as an organic entity, where change in one area inevitably ripples through the rest of the system.

The new edition includes the results of Canada’s 2015 federal election and looks ahead to consider changes resulting from the Liberal victory. It has been thoroughly updated and revised and introduces several new topics, such as the impact of the previous Conservative government on the conventions and practices of parliamentary government and the important influence of social media on politics. Two new co-authors, Gerald Baier and Thomas M.J. Bateman, join Patrick Malcolmson and Richard Myers to bring new expertise in the areas of federalism, judicial politics, Charter jurisprudence, political parties, and the ongoing health care debate.

Patrick Malcolmson is Professor of Political Science and former Vice-President (Academic) at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Richard Myers is President of St. Paul's University College at the University of Waterloo.

Gerald Baier is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of British Columbia.

Thomas M.J. Bateman is Associate Professor at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Map: Parliamentary Representation by Province

Part One: Introduction
1. Canada's Regime Principles
2. The Constitution

Part Two: The Pillars of the Canadian Constitution: Responsible Government, Federalism, and the Charter
3. Responsible Government
4. Federalism
5. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Part Three: Institutions
6. The Crown and Its Servants
7. Parliament
8. The Judiciary

Part Four: Canadian Democracy in Action: Elections, Parties, and Policy
9. Elections
10. Political Parties
11. Public Policy and Canadian Political Life

Appendix: The Constitution Acts 1867 and 1982

The Canadian Regime has become a new classic, an unrivalled introduction to the foundations and principles of the Canadian political system.

David Edward Tabachnick, Nipissing University

The Canadian Regime is a clear, concise, and accessible resource that thoroughly covers the complexities of Canadian political institutions, making it an invaluable resource for students and instructors alike.

Andrea Lawlor, King’s University College, Western University

Invaluable for introducing the Canadian political system to students in the United States.

Robert W. Behrman, Marshall University

A comprehensive and coherent account of Canadian government that is informed by a clear understanding of the purposes, capacities, and limitations of liberal democratic institutions.

Jennifer Smith, Dalhousie University