The Contemplative Practitioner: Meditation in Education and the Workplace, Second Edition

The Contemplative Practitioner: Meditation in Education and the Workplace, Second Edition

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By John P. Miller
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2013
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200 Pages
ISBN 9781442615533
Published Nov 2013
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Meditation is a simple and practical activity that can enrich our lives and work in innumerable ways. It allows us to connect more deeply to ourselves and others and to the environment. In this book, John P. Miller, an expert in the field of holistic education, looks at mediation and how it can be integrated into one’s work and daily life.

Twenty years after it was first published, Miller’s book remains one of the best guides to applying contemplative practice, covering a variety of theoretical, empirical, historical, and cross-cultural approaches. For this new edition, Miller has updated the text to reflect the growth of the mindfulness movement, new research into the brain, and his years of experience teaching and practising contemplation in teacher education.

Whether one is interested in exploring how meditation can be used in the classroom or the workplace, or simply seeking to integrate it into one’s personal life, The Contemplative Practitioner is the perfect companion.

John P. Miller is a professor in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. He is the author or editor of 17 books on holistic learning and contemplative practices in education.

Foreward by Mirabai Bush

1. The Contemplative Practitioner

2. Reflection and Contemplation

3. Contemplative Practices

4. Contemplatives and their Practices

5. The Invisible World

6. The Mindfulness Movement

7. What I have Learned/Jack’s Journey

8. Bibliography

The Contemplative Practitioner has everything – theoretical, historical, biographical, empirical, and practical material – from an educator of international reputation and a leading authority in the field of contemplative and holistic education.”

Heesoon Bai, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

“In this pioneering work, Professor John P. Miller has realized an authentic meeting between Eastern and Western approaches to education, owing in part to his decades of meditation experience. His steady commitment to Asian educators since his first visit to Japan in 1994 has encouraged us to reflect on our spiritual heritage and to recognize the essential importance of contemplation for the future of education.”

Yoshiharu Nakagawa, Department of Education and Culture, Doshisha University, and author of Education for Awakening

“Jack Miller has been in the vanguard as a contemplative practitioner and leading figure in the uses of meditation in education and the workplace. In this volume we are offered the mature fruits of many years of work that has been seminal to the contemplative education movement. I recommend The Contemplative Practitioner highly as a lucid and comprehensive treatment of an important emerging discipline within educational and workplace settings.”

Arthur Zajonc, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Physics Emeritus, Amherst College, and author of Meditation as Contemplative Inquiry: When Knowing Becomes Love

‘I would recommend it as an excellent introductory text to those interested in introducing contemplative practice to their own lives or those currently teaching mindfulness in schools or higher education.’

Ruth Roberts, International Journal of Children’s Spirituality vol 20:01:2015