The Girl and the Game: A History of Women's Sport in Canada, Second Edition

The Girl and the Game: A History of Women's Sport in Canada, Second Edition

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By M. Ann Hall
University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division © 2016
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424 Pages
ISBN 9781442634121
Published May 2016
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Published May 2016
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In the second edition of this groundbreaking social history, M. Ann Hall begins with an important new chapter on Aboriginal women and early sport and ends with a new chapter tying today's trends and issues in Canadian women's sport to their origins in the past.

Students will appreciate the more descriptive chapter titles and the restructuring of the book into easily digestible sections. Fifty-two images complement Hall's lively narrative.

M. Ann Hall is a Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta, where she taught for over 30 years. She is the author of several books, including The Grads Are Playing Tonight!: The Story of the Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Club (2011).

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Preface and Acknowledgements


1. Aboriginals, Colonialism, and Early Victorian Sport

2. Athleticism and the "New Woman"

3. Women Take Control

4. Pushing the Boundaries

5. Competing Images

6. Media Darlings and Overlooked Champions

7. Feminist Activism for Equality

8. The Present Reflecting the Past



The significance and role of women in sport in Canada has been examined over the years through many perspectives, including my own. However, Hall's insights, extensive research, and compelling stories leave little doubt about the impact and legacy of so many of my peers. It is an honour to be included in such great documentation.

Hayley Wickenheiser, four-time Olympic gold medalist, women's ice hockey

For a decade and a half, The Girl and the Game has been the book on women's sport history in Canada. My own copy of the original edition is dog-earred and heavily annotated—I can't count the number of times I have passed it on to students. Hall's narratives are built on a strong and persuasive foundation of contemporary feminist thought, which make the book especially useful for teaching. It is an excellent book for demonstrating—by way of women's experiences in sport—the value of feminism and of what has come of collective efforts to challenge social limitations and constraints.

Mary Louise Adams, Queen's University

This new edition of The Girl and the Game is the single most comprehensive book on Canadian sport to date. Characteristic of the author's scholarship, the content is meticulously well-researched and inclusive, and the illustrations reflect her textual analyses and storytelling. This is a superb history from any perspective.

L. Donald Morrow, Western University