The Global Promise of Federalism

The Global Promise of Federalism

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Edited by Grace Skogstad, David Cameron, Martin Papillon, and Keith Banting
University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division © 2013
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Published Nov 2013
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The Global Promise of Federalism honours the life and work of Richard Simeon, one of Canada’s foremost experts on federalism. It features a group of distinguished scholars of federalism from Canada and abroad who take up some of the fundamental questions at the heart of both Simeon’s work and contemporary debates. Does federalism foster democracy? Can it help bring together divided societies? How do federations evolve and adapt to changing circumstances?

In the course of answering these questions, the chapters in this collection offer a comparative perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing well-established federations such as Canada and Australia, as well as new federal and quasi-federal systems in Europe, Africa, and Asia. They examine the interplay between federal values, such as trust and mutual recognition, and institutional design; the challenges facing post-conflict federations; and the adaptability of federal systems in the face of changing social, economic, and cultural contexts.

Grace Skogstad is a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto.

David Cameron is a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto.

Martin Papillon is an associate professor in the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa.

Keith Banting is a professor in the Department of Political Studies and the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University.


1. The Global Promise of Federalism – Grace Skogstad (University of Toronto, Political Science), David Cameron (University of Toronto, Political Science, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences), Martin Papillon(University of Ottawa, Political Science) and Keith Banting (Queen’s University, Political Studies and Policy Studies)

2. Federalism and Democracy: A Critical Reassessment – Thomas Hueglin (Wilfred Laurier University, Political Science)

3. Is There a Political Culture of Federalism in Canada? Charting an Unexplored Territory – François Rocher (University of Ottawa, Political Science, Director of the School of Political Studies) and Patrick Fafard (University of Ottawa, Political Science)

4. A Problem of Trust: Can Federalism Silence the Guns? – Marie-Joëlle Zahar (Université de Montréal, Political Science)

5. Designing a Durable Federation: The Case of Cyprus – John McGarry (Queen’s University, Political Science)

6. The Constitutional Jurisprudence of Federalism and the Theocratic Challenge – Ran Hirschl (University of Toronto, Political Science)

7. Ideology, Identity, Majoritarianism: On the Politics of Federalism – Alain Noël (Université de Montréal, Political Science)

8. Adaptability and Change in Federations: Centralization, Political Parties, and Taxation Authority in Australia and Canada – Luc Turgeon (University of Ottawa, Political Science) and Jenn Wallner (University of Ottawa, Political Science)

9. Living with Contradictions in Federalism: Goals and Outcomes of Recent Constitutional and Financial Reforms in the Spanish Estado autonómico – César Colino (Spanish National Distance-Learning University, Political Science and Public Adminitration)

10. Spatial Rescaling, Federalization and Interest Representation – Michael Keating (Aberdeen University, Social Sciences)

11. Engagé Intellectuals, Technocratic Experts, and Scholars – Jan Erk (University of Leiden, Political Science)

12. Reflections on a Federalist Life – Richard Simeon (University of Toronto, Professor Emeritus)

The Collected Works of Richard Simeon – Andrew McDougall


The Global Promise of Federalism honours the career and achievements of Richard Simeon, Canada’s pre-eminent scholar of federalism, by bringing together the best of Canadian and comparative scholarship on federalism while addressing one of the more compelling themes in the literature, the question of the continuing relevance and promise of this form of government in Canada and abroad.”

Herman Bavkis, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria

“In this celebration and commemoration of the huge scholarly contribution that Richard Simeon made to federal studies, broadly understood, there is a welcome consistency and congruence of purpose. The editors have made it all the more coherent and cohesive by producing an elegant analytical framework within which to situate the twelve contributions compiled to honour the ‘federalist life’ of one of the truly great scholars in this subject area. The Global Promise of Federalism aptly captures both the scope and spirit of Richard Simeon’s characteristically analytical approach to and understanding of federalism.”

Michael Burgess, Director, Centre for Federal Studies, University of Kent

Global Promise of Federalism is a terrific addition to federalism scholarship and a charming combination of substance and context, challenges and remembrance, building on the substantial contribution of Richard Simeon dealing with key issues of trust, institutional design, adaptation and traditions. Simeon’s essay on his career will be useful especially to young federalism scholars plying their way in the field. It is helpful, poignant, and entirely Simeon-esque. This is a must-read for Canadian scholars and provides considerable food for thought and challenge for international scholars as well.”

Carol Weissert, Department of Political Science, Florida State University

‘An excellent edited volume…It is valuable to both professors and students, and the volume’s comparative aspect heightens its relevance for classrooms at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in many different countries.’

Anna Lennox Esselment, Publius: The Journal of Federalism July 2014